Why Epic’s Tim Sweeney blasted Microsoft in bid to keep Windows 10 open

Sweeney said he would love for Microsoft to prove him wrong. But he wants to verify the Windows company’s official position on the details, and he thinks CEO Satya Nadella should speak on the matter and settle it.

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1nsomniac3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

We've seen Microsoft attempt this so many times now. XBone controllers are still force locked to Windows 10 on PC. A child understands that the blatant lie that the hardware will only work on Windows 10 is not only a rediculous lie to make but also insulting but Microsoft just doesn't care. The takeover has started already.

I'm glad some people with power in the industry have got the bottle to come out & say something!

Fair play to him.

Tsunade3057d ago

Will all the negative cloud already on this matter, I think MS must be careful with what they do. Another big fail as they had with the xbox is not going to be good.

Ashlen3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Or would it? I think a big fail would be for the best.

I hope people say no, like they with with always online.

But I have little faith that people will do that.

freshslicepizza3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

from the interview,

"My fear is stoked somewhat by the Windows 10 experience overall. It’s very hard to replace your default web browser. When you installed Chrome in the past and ran it, it would say, “Want to make Chrome your default web browser?” Now you can’t do that. Microsoft does not allow that. To make Chrome your default web browser, you have to dig through the massive Windows 10 interface, find a hidden scroll bar, and scroll over and click an obscure icon to change it to Chrome."

this is a bunch of crap. i use windows 10 and have google chrome as my browser. it was not hard at all to change it. i also turned off cortana and other stuff. people need to READ. of course windows will want their stuff in there by default but it is not hard to change it.

funny how people made a big stink about steam when it first came out and now so many love it.

donthate3057d ago

I think Tim Sweeney brings up some good points, but I feel he also blows things up a little. MS has shown so far that UWP is open, but Tim Sweeney hasn't been following up.

Instead he complains about something that happened a long time ago that has been changed. Also, changing the default browser was a snap for me.

rainslacker3056d ago

It's easy enough to do, granted there are plenty of people who aren't adept at such things but not sure this would effect them much since I don't know if they'd use Chrome all that much, but it doesn't ask you automatically anymore. It asks you on the install of the actual software as I recall though...since I use Chrome.

Funny enough though, if you don't set it to stop asking, IE does ask you if you want to set it as the default browser when you start it up and it's not the default.

Level of difficulty is going to vary wildly among PC users. Not everyone is able to find the info they need to make changes, or even realize other options exist.

ScorpiusX3056d ago

Reminds me of the Whole search mayhem of a few years back . When people searched on Google it always highlighted its searched findings and listed all other recommended search at the bottom . lol

3-4-53057d ago

People complained about Windows 8 too.....and I've been using it since 2013 without a problem or issue.

Some people are just whiners.

ScorpiusX3057d ago

Cause he's a whinny DB that's why & he's not getting paid .

Ashlen3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Not getting paid? But isn't money the problem here?

I mean Microsoft is doing this to gain market share for the money, not for the gamers. They could easily make money selling and allowing games in the marketplace as it exists now. But they don't want to compete in a fair way they want to use their control over the Windows platform to dictate who and how people can use Windows. Unlike before where they just sell a program and everyone is free to do what they want on it.

rainslacker3056d ago

Guy is worth a couple billion. Company is worth a few billion. Got a nice big check for Gears of War, and MS basically funded their entire game development budget for last gen. Yeah, I can see why he's concerned about the money since UE4 is more popular than ever.

MS, OTOH, has a long history of anti-consumer practices, is also worth billions, and limits their own software to promote their own services/hardware.

MS was unfairly criticized by Sweeny this time around I think, but can you cite other instances of him being "whiny", because he rarely discusses industry issues with the public. If making a knee jerk comment based on misinterpreted information makes him a whiny DB, then well...pot calling kettle black comes to mind, since I think 99% of all N4G users do so on a daily basis, and almost none of them will admit they're wrong when countered, nor accept that they need to wait for more information...like Sweeny did.

ScorpiusX3056d ago

Wrong or correct Sweeny is still a DB .

pompombrum3057d ago

Theoretically, couldn't this potentially backfire on Microsoft? Right now most PC gamers do so on Windows but they've never been ones to blindly drink the koolaid and with SteamOS being Debian based, if the big M pushes too far, won't many take the plunge and switch to Linux?

Yetter3057d ago

I'd say thats pretty unlikely

rainslacker3056d ago

I think the problem there is that the Linux support still isn't anywhere up to par with the Windows support.

While I know tons of people who swear by Linux, I only know one person who uses it exclusively, and Windows is usually a dual boot on any Linux machine....at least for personal use.

MS just has too much strength in numbers to not get unfettered support for windows, while Linux is just a crap shoot to the ultra hardcore who are willing to deal with it's intricacies, and actually have the know how to deal with it. Most people I know that tried to make the switch, just got tired of having to deal with Linux, and despite a lot of advancements on being more streamlined and user friendly, it still pales in comparison to Windows in ease of use.

KurtRussell3057d ago

MS are sneaky fukks, Illuminati Reptilian style. Cannot be trusted.


FTC Calls Xbox Game Pass Price Hike 'Exactly The Sort Of Consumer Harm' It Tried To Stop

Despite losing its lawsuit seeking an injunction to freeze Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard in July 2023, the FTC appealed the decision with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. While it awaits a final decision from those justices, the FTC’s been filing additional evidence to support its claims that the merger would hurt competition in gaming and hurt customers, including a letter from earlier this year after Microsoft laid off nearly 2,000 employees across the newly acquired teams.

lelo2play1d 1h ago

FTC never heard of inflation. Did they expect Gampass to remain the same price forever?
Would be funny if Gampass remained at 10€ fifty years from now...

Einhander19721d 1h ago

"Microsoft insists Game Pass prices ‘will not increase as a result of Activision merger"

"It says a price rise “would be counter-productive as it would increase subscriber churn rates”

1d ago
lelo2play17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

"Game Pass prices will not increase as a result of the Merger"

Gamepass wouldn't increase in result of the merger... but it doesn't mean it wouldn't increase due to other reasons, like inflation, extra expenses, etc. Do you expect Gamepass to remain the same price forever?

All other online services have been increasing prices.

boing113h ago

I cancelled my Ultimate sub after the announcement, so they were right. And yet, they still did it. That is so MS.

Einhander197212h ago

Inflation is down since they made that statement.

They also call into question the 2000+ people Microsoft has fired from the developers they bought.

And again, this is contradictory to what Microsoft said they would do.

They lied in court.

Reaper22_4h ago

Lol...they never said gamepass wouldn't increase and they never said it would because of the merger. And even they did it's their right to do so. So what's your point?

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Inverno1d ago

So we blaming this on inflation now? Lol ok

lelo2play17h ago(Edited 17h ago)

Sony and other streaming services (Netflix, HBO, ...) have been increasing prices and altering their services. Do you expect Gamepass to remain the same price forever?
Others can increase prices and alter their services, but Microsoft can't?

Hypocrite much!

DarXyde12h ago


Ego inflation.

IRetrouk10h ago

Lelo, they upped the price last year, along with their xboxs......

waderae3h ago

I believe they call it mental gymnastics.

Profchaos29m ago

Exactly let's not forget this deal was done under the same economic climate this was predictable yet they maintained they would not be increasing prices yet now the merger is done they increased prices and split tiers to avoid further scrutiny.

This is and always has been how Microsoft do business deflect blame and increase profits