PES 2009 - 10 min vid interview with Seabass + new gameplay footage

A 10 minute video interview with PES creator Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka.

Lots of new information and new gameplay footage, including:

* AI automatically finds space for off ball runs
* Feints, dribbles and short passes assigned to d-pad
* 4 players online
* Legends mode can also be taken online

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batichon frandy4420d ago


PopEmUp4420d ago (Edited 4420d ago )

stop being an ignorant fanboy as you are, just like been an xbot as always. c'mon give it it a break and step out of the box will ya, I know pes2008 is SHlT compare to fifa08, but however the gameplay still kick any fifa ass by far, btw everyone that play fifa know it an arcade game for a football/soccer when compare to pes, just take a look around who would really care about fifia if it wasn't for the contents and the team licensing, anyway good luck with too human preorder, i bet you'll be getting the limited edition lol what an xbot

rekonizakilla4420d ago

You are joking right? Pro evo kicks crap into fifa ,which i admit once again is a lot better looking but whats new . I might try fifa again this year but i wont put too much faith in the game. Every year we're told that it looks like fifa has finally bridged the gap between itself and pro evo ,well it hasn't and it probably wont. The difference between the two games is simple,one of them plays like an arcade game and the other plays like a football simulator . vive la pes P.S your grammar sucks.

Too_Flopped4420d ago

PES > Fifa until 2008

In 2008 Fifa > PES, especially on PS3.

In 2009 both should be nice. My bet is still on Fifa, but I may be wrong.

superman4420d ago

Hey Frandy speak for yourself. PES owns Fifa, always has. Fifa copies PES. PES wasnt too good last year, but it was better than FIFA.

batichon frandy4420d ago

are u retarded Pes copies fifa
Ok u said pes was better last year
tell me why people aint play that pes crap

PopEmUp4420d ago

why yes pes copied fifa this time around you see with being a legend mode, whereas fifa have be a pro in fifa08, you don't need a rocket scientist to see that out. btw if u saying no-one playing pes is simply because you are a blind ass, btw whoever play pes know that pes is still kicking pes08 even tho the game was just a let down last year, but the gameplay is still by far better than any fifa gameplay to dated. The only reason i play fifa is simply because of online whereas pes is a completed piece of SHlT when it come to online, I just can't think why on earth do ppl still play pes online is just completely garbage. but in fifa, online is where it's at

rekonizakilla4420d ago

Does that frandy guy work for EA or something

Too_Flopped4420d ago

I agree Fifa 08 was better than PES 08, especially the latest version Euro UEFA 2008. Until last year, I was a PES fan, but honestly there's no doubt Fifa was best like year :
- more realistic, less arcadey (don't know why PES 2008 decided to become an arcade game, but ok...)
- better gfx (it has always been true by the way)
- better and lag free online (heck PES 2008 was barely playable online)
- 5v5 online
- better sound (custom stadium sound, fans chants...)

Only thing better on PES was the players'faces, that's not much.

But Seabass will make a comeback this year or more probably next year, I'm pretty sure of it. Still, Fifa 09 has a lot of improvements too...

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Ronnie074420d ago


How old are you?

PopEmUp4420d ago (Edited 4420d ago )

i think his 10-15 of age, because of his fanboy attitude and the way he not judging thing seriously in his comments

siarraweb4420d ago

i just didn't like that d-pad info..

i always played with the d-pad, i'm not used to control with the joystick...

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