Backlog Review: Vampire Hunter: Lord of The Vampire/Darkstalkers 3 - one of the best

The guys of Gaming Boulevard checked another game off on their Backlog and concluded:

Darkstalkers 3 shines as one of the best fighting games around. The changes made to the gameplay make matches faster. They hit that sweet spot that makes Darkstalkers 2 still a viable option while making three still feel like Darkstalkers. The stages are in a league of their own and so are the animations on the sprites. Beautiful, flowing and almost hypnotizing is the best way to describe the insane amount of effort put in the sprites. As far as the narrative goes, it's standard fare for its time and genre. A bit more context as to why some characters are fighting would have been nice, though. The new additions to the roster fit perfectly and add more personality to the already colorful cast of characters. Darkstalkers 3 is an amazing quality package and one of the finest fighting games ever made.

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masterfox1864d ago

Darkstalkers 3 when Capcom was on their glory days, the Darkstalkers 3 indeed one of the best a timeless classic and its visuals and gameplay will never get old, is incredible how this game is so colorful but still it manages to retain this dark horror theme.

Damn Capcom what happened to you ? :/