Further Blizzard MMOs Rumoured

When you're the development studio that's created the most popular MMO on the planet, no doubt there's going to be a lot of pressure to continue that success. Rumours and reports that Blizzard are working on new MMOs have been whispered across the web since World of Warcraft launched, but confirmation has never been made by the developer of its publisher, Vivendi Games.

Today another report emerged that the developer has apparently made a statement to Wall Street investors, which commits them to transferring their other franchises (long rumoured to be Diablo and Starcraft) to the online genre.

The story, which first appeared on, an MMO blog site, also rumours on a split online strategy by Vivendi that will see MMOs developed within three years on a budget of $50 million each, with more casual games being released under the Sierra Online banner.

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Lucidmantra6195d ago

Hopefully it is a little deeper an MMO that WOrld Of warcraft was, not that it was horrible. But it was surely watered down compaired to other games on the market. I can't argue since it seems like 1/3 the people in the world play WOW so they struck a magic balance for all sorts of players to play and be involved.