Why we won't see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and other heroes in Disney Infinity

New Marvel heroes are coming to Disney Infinity, but don't expect to see Daredevil, Jessica Jones, or Deadpool any time soon.

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Kalebninja1968d ago

Did this honestly need to be explained? With the amount of extreme violence in Daredevil and Shoehorned sex scenes in Jessica Jones, there's no reason to even expect it.

itsjustexuma1968d ago

They'll still appear in all of the LEGO Avengers/Marvel games

Kalebninja1968d ago

Well that's being handled by a different dev and they were in the Lego marvel superheroes games before their shows were made.

itsjustexuma1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Jessica Jones and Daredevil are in LEGO Avengers and that game was released in Jan 2016.


DarthJay1968d ago

Yeah, it's not hard to use their comic book versions, though few non-comic fans even knew who Jessica Jones was this time last year.

rhap1968d ago

I think it's because the name DISNEY is more related to kids while LEGO is for adults. Really, I don't have any friend who plays DISNEY INFINITY, but many of them plays LEGO series and they are all 25~35 years old.

DynoMiteLaserCat1968d ago

So my odds of a lusty Jessica Jones and Luke Cage reunion in Disney Infinity are pretty much zero?

Well that's disappointing... lol

Lonnie181968d ago

I would totally get Jessica Jones, sexy.

FallenAngel19841968d ago

Well those characters are on TV shows, and most of the characters in Disney Infinity come from movies.