Konami previews Metal Gear Online DLC Cloaked in Silence

In a video originally live streamed via Twitch, Robert Peeler of Konami gives an extensive preview of the upcoming DLC for Metal Gear Online, Cloaked in Silence.

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Agito1987958d ago (Edited 958d ago )

video in post not working for me... go here:

Looks great! Wish I could play here in the SP tough =/.

Chumdiddy958d ago

Yeah, it makes too much sense to release story/SP DLC of Quiet. She doesn't speak so no new voice acting is needed. All instructions could be done via text if absolutely necessary and you could let the player see what she was doing in those 9 years.

Give her every ability she has in the DLC and make missions around her, right? I'd buy that.

MasterD919958d ago

Still wish we could have some single-player DLC. That would be a good incentive to replay through the game.

Chumdiddy958d ago

That's the only DLC I care about. Don't want to add to the story? Fine. Make side-ops.

Make a list of Quiet missions, new Snake missions, etc. Add some variety and I'd buy day 1.