Why We're Disappointed in Capcom

The company that defined our gaming history has devolved into an HD remake factory.

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gangsta_red1052d ago

Capcom needs to get back into making those great arcade like games of yester years like Ghouls N Ghosts, Trojan, Legendary Wings and other arcade classics.

gantarat1052d ago

did capcom put gun on people head and force them to buy their remaster/port game or something ?

Relientk771051d ago

So wheres a new Breath of Fire JRPG (not mobile crap), Devil May Cry, Dino Crisis, Megaman

andron1051d ago

Yeah where are the new ips and new games in other series than Resi? Fair enough there is easy money in porting older stuff, but soon they'll end up with nothing left to port...