Remedy on Quantum Break coming to PC: "I was slightly confused by the reaction"

When Microsoft announced Quantum Break would launch on PC alongside Xbox One, it wasn't quite the warm homecoming developer Remedy might have expected. Some fans were upset that the live action/third-person shooter hybrid would no longer be an Xbox One exclusive, taking to Twitter in a series of outbursts that were aimed at Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

The debate focused on Microsoft and Spencer's relatively new bid to make its Xbox One exclusives available on Windows 10, too. But, through it all, what did Remedy, the developer caught in the middle, think of the negativity?

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DarkOcelet2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

The fact that people got upset about this is mindblowing. This should have been expected since Alan Wake came on PC later on.

And some people not wanting others to play this potentially amazing game is really sad.

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Neonridr2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I think people were assuming it would come to the PC, eventually. Not day one I guess.

At the end of the day I am ecstatic because I get to play it day one on my PC. And that means more sales for Microsoft/Remedy.

For the people who are worried about Xbox One exclusives showing up on Windows 10, I don't know what to tell you...

If you have a gaming PC and you would rather play the game there, then you are covered. If not, then you can still play the games on your Xbox One. What are you worried about? That the games look and run better on the PC? Isn't that always the case of virtually any game that gets released across all platforms? You bought an Xbox One so you could play the MS exclusive games, nobody said you can't still do that. Just because W10 players get to play it too doesn't mean you should be upset. It's more money for MS which means more franchise security which means possible sequels.

Why o why2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

pretty much agree with all of that but I think MS are the architects of their own downfall. IF this was always going to be your plan then be honest and up front. Dont mislead and state its an exclusive when you clearly had conflicting plans.

Now, to all those saying it's not a bad thing for the xbox... If that is the case, why did MS delay the release of tomb raider if they didn't think it being temporarily exclusive on the console wasn't important or beneficial. Why not just announce Quantum Break as a windows 10 game and not an exclusive from the get go?

When MS or anyone else do things like this it annoys people and gives fodder to others. Please lets not hide the fact that many xbox guys appreciate the worth of exclusives as usp's. When so many titles are rumoured to be heading to pc it lessens the reason for many to purchase the console especially the pc guys who may of considered purchasing one. It's cheaper to game on pc so that initial cost to get a x1 level pc isn't as expensive as some would have us believe. No live subscription cheaper price for games, more options to buy games etc. I'm not saying the x1 will stop selling, just that this wont encourage sales of the unit at all IF all titles that were exclusive go the way of QB.

Basically anyone who wants a game to be exclusive is selfish or has their wires crossed according to some here....crazy... Tell you what, lets go one extreme step further.. release Halo Forza and Gears on the ps4 so 'more gamers' can play it and the creators get more money.. everyone wins right

omegaheat2648d ago

Your comment makes a lot of sense. There were never a bunch of Xbox fans with pitchforks, protesting about this game coming to PC. The game will obviously look better on PC. So let's just say that Microsoft has a change of heart and decides to release the game on PC six months later; would that make the allegedly sour Xbox fans feel better? No, because they don't care. This issue was a made up lie by some group of journalists and rabid fanboys who want to ignite any negative issue they have about a console they don't intend to own, nor do they want anyone else to own. At first there were many comments about how the ultimate gaming combo would be a PS4 and PC. We all know which camp these comments came from. Now that the game can be played on PC on day one, all of a sudden it's "Microsoft are liars, they said this, they said that". All of a sudden everyone is going to run out purchase an expensive PC rig capable of running this one game efficiently while pretending that the Xbox One doesn't exist. Give it a rest people. You all sound ridiculous.

Why o why2648d ago


you didn't see the response on twitter I take it?

They were not all journalist or fanboys who had no intention to buy like you're saying, Get real man. Some go overboard, some were just annoyed at the practice. Lumping everyone into the same category doesn't change how some people felt.

BlackTar1872648d ago

i only have issue with the timing. MS knew the plan for a lot longer then last month. If the intentions were always pure why wait till the 11th hr to crack open the same day. If it;s coming same day then they have known for some time. Where was the transparency there? I mean even the most diehard xbox fan should see the issue with that last second revel when it was 100% in works for a little bit while they toughted it as a console exclusive for so long.

343_Guilty_Spark2648d ago

People are worried only about stupid console wares and how many boxes get sold

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kraenk122648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

People aren't upset because it's happening. People are upset because MS again kept it a secret for too long in order to gain more potential X1 sales. They are being honest and upfront with their customers...again!

Death2648d ago

Did I miss something or did Microsoft say people that buy the game digitally for Xbox also get a copy for PC free? So I should be upset that I can play this on my Xbox and PC? I guess if you put off that imaginary PC gaming build and bought an Xbox instead based purely on the exclusives you have a right to be upset. I'm curious what the percentage of Xbox only owners you guys think there are vs. Xbox and PC owners. I've been streaming Xbox games to my Windows 10 devices since last year. Playing these games on my PC without needing my Xbox is in no way a bad thing.

FriedGoat2648d ago

Death, The point is, I spent 300+ quid to buy this stupid machine so I could get halo 5, quantum break and the other upcoming exclusives. I bought it a few months ago and IF I HAD KNOWN that the games were going to come to PC, I wouldn't have bought it.

I would much rather play on the PC than this stupid box and now I've wasted a bunch of cash because of Microsoft's dishonesty.

Would I really spend this money just for halo 5? No.

Just another day of dirty tactics by Microsoft, I shoulda known.

RiseofScorpio2648d ago

You are joking aren't you? They lied about this games exclusivity for 34 months of course people are pissed.

zeuanimals2648d ago

Yeah, I know PC gamers who pre-ordered the Quantum Break bundle. Good thing they didn't buy it earlier because now they can at least cancel the pre-order. If they did buy it earlier, then they'd have a near unless box that does everything worse with nothing to differentiate itself, and with much less games. Lose-lose-lose situation.

FriedGoat2648d ago

This is the problem, I have a gaming rig and with all these games coming to PC, Buying my xbox one a few months ago was bloody POINTLESS. This is the last time I buy anything Microsoft, Disgusting company.

Lamboomington2648d ago

Why ? It doesn't affect the vast majority of console gamers. For all intents and purposes it's still an exclusive.

Looking at the comments section on this article you'd think every XBONE and PS4 gamer also has a gaming PC all of a sudden.

NotAFanboyyy2648d ago

I was upset about the messaging. From May 2013 until just recently, Quantum Break was touted as an Xbox One Exclusive. 1 week before the PC announcement, Microsoft ran its Greatest Games Lineup commercial featuring QB and it still said Xbox One Exclusive. Did Microsoft change their minds in 1 week? No. This was in the pipeline for a while and it was handled so poorly. I also was curious to hear what MS had to say at their embargoed event about Gears 4 and thought surely the company would come right out and announce that all XB1 exclusives will be on PC from now on. Instead, we just get little dribbles from interviews here and there that this is likely to happen but no hard confirmation. Microsoft's messaging this entire generation has been atrocious. Plain and simple.

jb2272648d ago

Totally agree up & down. Really thought they'd announce Gears & Halo for PC at that event, but it seems like they will keep doing the last minute drip feed approach, which is to be completely dishonest in your advertising & then say "it came together last minute" w/ the same breath that they say "porting to or from PC to consoles is easier than ever w/ DX12 & the current console specs"

It was an outright lie & I'd be upset if I were Remedy because this entire time they could've had PC gamers informed & ready to play the game on their PCs, racking up as many sales & preorders as possible, but now they have this last minute deal & Win10 store exclusivity that catches PC gamers on the back foot. The only one who benefitted from the late reveal was MS because they got to sell more XBOs through the holidays based on the promise of exclusives that couldn't be played elsewhere, then they will get the lion's share of the profits on the Win10 release.

Might turn out better for all gamers in the long run though because maybe it'll push Remedy to develop their next game as a multiplat that will hit all of the consoles & Steam on the PC. That way Remedy can finally control the messaging & marketing for their own titles and they can garner more sales by catering to larger platforms like the PS4 which has a lot of gamers used to buying games more similar to their wares as opposed to MS focus on multiplayer over single player.

The_BlackHeart__2648d ago

I wonder how long ago the PR department of Microsoft knew about the PC version of the game and still decided to label the game as "Only on XBox". I do believe that if you purchased an XB1 because of Quantum Break instead of getting a PC to play Street Fighter and/or No Man's Sky, you have all the right to be pissed @ Microsoft.

Lamboomington2648d ago

"if you purchased an XB1 because of Quantum Break instead of getting a PC to play Street Fighter and/or No Man's Sky, you have all the right to be pissed @ Microsoft."

Yes, the people who already had a PC and got an XBOX or got an XBOX instead of PC, they are getting shafted.

For everyone else however, which is the vast majority of console gamers, it makes NO DIFFERENCE. The majority of people are upset because of the feeling that the XBOX isn't that special anymore, when in reality that doesn't make a single difference.

rainslacker2647d ago

I'm not really pissed, and I brought an X1 for QB. I'm kind of annoyed, because I could have saved some money and just made an exception to my preference for console gaming to play it on PC. I've been known to do it before. Would have saved a few hundred dollars, and no other exclusive game on the system would really make me want to drop the money for the console itself...although I did get some of those since I brought the system.

I'll get my moneys worth from the console over time, since I will likely just opt to play on the console in the future, but still doesn't remove the annoyance.

Tzuno2648d ago

Look at so many disagrees, people care only for themselves, pathetic world.

TheVigilanteCode2647d ago

Like, the people who only have a PC and want the Xbox One owners who bought the console, "ONLY" because they were made to think that they can't play these games ANYWHERE ELSE, to get their $400/$500 shafted, when they could have easily got a PC slightly more powerful/faster than an Xbox One? All because of justifying port-begging.

Money doesn't grow on tress for most people and they want the best bang for their buck. If Microsoft announced that all Xbox One exclusives will come to PC in 2013 before the launch of the console, they would be incredibly fair in my books and all these outcry on the internet about Xbox One first party exclusives going to PC would have seemed childish. But they didn't. They announced them as outright exclusives for which a lot of users bought the console for. Why didn't they announce Halo MCC or Halo 5 yet for the PC? Here's a secret: Halo, IT'S THE FLAGSHIP XBOX IP & AN EXCLUSIVE CONSOLE SELLER. Once the sales have gone down, they'll come to WIN10. There is the problem of dishonesty with Microsoft as a platform holder.

The funny thing is, your statement works both ways.

An even more funny thing is, this is coming from a guy who's played ONLY on the PC throughout his life and have no consoles currently. The only consoles I ever bought were the SNES and PS2. Why? EXCLUSIVES.

yomfweeee2648d ago

It's pretty simple and not hard to understand.

If you buy a system because it is the only place to get certain games, but then those games come to another system... you were duped.

DarkOcelet2647d ago

But it was gonna come to PC either way. All Remedy's games did. So there is no reason for this not to come.

yomfweeee2647d ago

No reason other than MS saying it was X1 exclusive? Did you forget about that?

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jagermaster6192648d ago

You know I kinda get why people are upset but as an Xbox one owner I wouldn't say I'm upset just a little disappointed in the way they are going about this last minute PC ports of a suppose Xbox exclusive. I would like to see some PC games make there way on Xbox even though it's kinda far fetched but here is to hoping. Either way I'm curious to see how this all turns out in the next year or so.

DarkOcelet2647d ago

Maybe they decided this later on. We dont know when they decided this, people are speculating that they knew this from the beginning but in reality nobody knows when the decision was decided.

neutralgamer19922648d ago


i understand what you are saying but than why force people to buy a new system, and tell them only place the exclusives will be available will be new system?

i think just like you that awesome games should be played by as many gamers as possible. but than when i once said bloodborne should come to pc, i lost like 4 bubbles within few hours

bottom line is someone who bough a ps4 or xbox one wants his or her purchase to be worth it and having games exclusive to that one platform means that much more

i see both sides arguments and i feel like phil Spencer should have more upfront about that. also i believe the only reason xbox one exclusives are to coming to pc is because xbox one is so far behind the ps4

if xbox one was 39 million and ps4 41 million, there is no way at all that a xbox one exclusive shows up on pc

this is MS's way of gracefully moving to pc while maintaining some sort of connection with xbox brand. the way phil has been talking makes me want to believe the days are numbered for xbox brand and we may soon see xbox/pc combo

DarkOcelet2647d ago

" if xbox one was 39 million and ps4 41 million, there is no way at all that a xbox one exclusive shows up on pc "

But Alan Wake came to PC even though the Xbox360 had the upper hand on the PS3 in 2010.

The game didn't sell so well on X360 and it went to PC and sold a total of 5 million copies on both PC and X360.

Look at the bright side, now there is a bigger chance for a sequel for Quantum Break.

Azzanation2648d ago

So if UC4 came to PC, no one would get upset? The internet would explode. RoTR had death threats, imagine what ND or Sony would get if they started using another device to play PS games?

Exactly. This is normal

DarkOcelet2647d ago

If Sony made a Platform for themselves on PC and they sold Uncharted 4 for it exclusively alongside the PS4, why would people get upset?

Again, not everyone can afford to get a PC that will be able to handle such games and especially when the simpler choice is a 350$ Console.

nogoodusernamesleft2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

it's just a bunch of sony trolls concern trolling they wud never buy an xbox1 if quantum break never came to pc why wud they spend the same money on a consle they hate as they wud a console they cheerlead around the clock on n4g? /thread

alvgamin4lif2647d ago

While it's actually pretty amazing that many people will be able to experience this game, exclusives are what defines a console so it's expected that fanboys would be sad.

DarkOcelet2647d ago

Yes, but this was pretty much coming to PC.

Alan Wake came to PC so it was almost a certain this was too.

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Relientk772648d ago

Well this was supposed to be like the biggest Xbox One console exclusive, so some people are upset it's no longer XB1 exclusive. Understandable, if Uncharted 4 or Zelda went went to PC that would upset people too

Phunkydiabetic12648d ago

It isnt "understandable" at all. They are releasing it on PC as well OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BIG DEAL! Gamers are the single worst hobbyist group in existence. I have never seen a group of people bitch and whine over the most trivial of things. Self entitled children. It is absolutely disgusting.

omegaheat2648d ago

My point exactly. The market may never expand if people see just how childish today's gamers are. These issues pop up on the same news pages as world issues. Scratching my head.

BlackTar1872648d ago

Yea man i mean the poor timing the constant beating the bush by MS all that stuff is not an issue at all it's the gamers. Grow up it goes both ways. Is it possible for Companies to be open about the plans especially if we know for sure they had other intentions for awhile? You don't think is disingenuous? The it can't work without it JK it can the it's exclusive then it's not. the it's an exclusive to xbox then 3 weeks later it's not anymore(TR) i mean let's just blame everything on the gamers. I do agree gamers are whiny but not giving any blame to a dishonest add campaign is also wrong.

Phunkydiabetic12648d ago


No I dont think it is disingenuous. If Microsoft announced the game for Xbox, hyped it up then three weeks before release said "Just joking! It isnt releasing on Xbox at all! Only PC" THAT would be disingenuous.

Saying that the game will release on PC as well isnt. I mean really, what are you people so upset about? You still get to play it on your beloved Xbox. No one is taking it away from you. Is it because this is the one exclusive that everyone is betting on and releasing it on PC takes away some steam? I dont get it.

I dont need to grow up. The neckbeards who bitch and moan and complain about every single last thing need to grow up.

BlackTar1872648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

So you see no problem with telling everyone it's only coming here then at the last minute saying it's also coming there too? I mean that makes sense if it was a last minute thing but it doesn't sound like a last minute thing it sounds like they knew for quite sometime it was going to go here and there so why hide it? Why hide the fact that TR was only an exclusive to Xbox for a time period? Why do all that? Where is the transparency on these things you consider none issues if they were non issues? If you didn't mean to mislead people why not come out with the info from the start if it was always a non issue?

let me ask a question: Why did they not just say it was always planned as a PC & Xbox one release at the same time? 2nd question why not say TR was a timed exclusive fromt he very beginning. Who has what to gain from not coming out with this information when you knew about it as a company?

Phunkydiabetic12648d ago


No, I dont care. I could give a shit really. It is videogames man. This isnt a big deal. Im not sure where you are in your life but I have many many other legitimate things to be worried about than whether Microsoft decides to release a game on another platform.

This "issue" is the definition of first world chickenshit. In the grand scheme of things this is nothing. This is less than nothing. Really step back and examine the situation. Try to look at it from a mature adult perspective. Videogames are not a necessity. They are a luxury. The way you people lose your shit is insane. Just imagine what you people could do if you focused all your energy into something productive. You people act like it is the armageddon or something. Who. Gives. A. Shit.

343_Guilty_Spark2648d ago

The ones bitching are not Xbox fans. Check their post history.

WelkinCole2648d ago

If there are no exclusives then there is no point in having multi-platforms.

Do you people want a single console generation?.

BlackTar1872648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

So you didn't answer the question and you care enough to talk about it on a videogame forum.

You also can't seem to understand that there is more then Start: Not care- End: Full batshit crazy

there is a middle ground and people are allowed to be in it. Whatever the truth is wheater or not you care you're posting so you do care enough to pick a side regardless of the level of care you have you have chosen a side. Pretending that being upset by the misdirection MS pulls is only NONE or FULL RETARD is stupid and makes any conversation with you impossible. You don't care Great good for you if you don't want to illicit conversation then stop responding and stop posting.

I don't mean anything personal to you btw just conversating and pointing out the ridiculousness of saying you don't care and shutting down any real conversation whilst posting on a forum dedicated to a more enthusiast hobby site.

Would it be better if MS was clear on their direction? Does it matter to you maybe not but the simple question is why not tell the truth when asked in the begining if you're a company if you have that information available? I don't see the harm in being forthcoming with info like this if your intentions were 100% pure. I mean can i get that from You? can i get it would be better if they were more transparent to their customers/potential customers?

TBH in the grand scheme of things nothing on this website is anything so with that logic why have the site? Why be a memeber? Why post on it's topics? 95% of all topics on any hobby site be in cars/games/books anything is all nothing in the gran scheme of things so i fail to follow that logic.

@343 the ones fine with it are mostly Xbox fans who have never disagreed with any direction MS takes. Just check their post history (especially yours :P)

It works both ways

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Germany72648d ago

Competition is a wonderful thing, exclusives make the market competitive.

Neonridr2648d ago

Didn't Nintendo release Smash Brothers for both the Wii U and 3DS?

Doesn't Sony release games for both the PS4 and Vita?

Some people are failing to grasp that Windows 10 is a gaming platform for MS to support. It is another avenue for them to generate money. It's not like any old PC can run these games. You can't buy them from Steam.

hulk_bash19872648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

This...........I don't understand the backlash. I knew it was coming, but the game is still a console exclusive so it doesn't hurt Microsoft to release it on its PC platform as well. They are just expanding their consumer base. Whats so hard to understand?

slate912648d ago

Praises be to you, sir!

BlackTar1872648d ago

That's not a fair comparison at all. You're comparing it to 2 companies that also sell the HW.

And you're also not taking into account the fact that both of those companies like Nintendo were very clear it was coming to both for quite sometime.

WelkinCole2648d ago


The spinning and denial is strong with you folks

1. PS3 (home console) != PS Vita (Mobile). The versions for both games would be drastically different from controls to graphics. You would pick the Vita version if you want to be on the go and PS3 if you want to sit infront of your TV.

Very big difference from X1 and PC which are home gaming devices that literally is the same version of the game meant to be played at home and not on the go like the PS vita and 3DS.

2. I can only count a handful of games that are both on the Vita and PS3 and even then they are fairly different games versions.

PC will literally have all the xbox games day and date. Huge difference from the Vita and PS3 cross games which there are about a few.

Yes MS can do whatever they want and I believe this is their only choice after everything they have thrown at the PS4.

I commend them for trying but lets not kid ourselves here. This more or less MS plan C.

And no PS fans like me are not complaining why would we?. This literally leaves only Sony in the traditional console space.

We are all commenting on this story because you guys refuse to listen and face reality.

Like how we told you folks that MS price drop, BC, Dx12, the cloud, the greatest xbox game lineup in history etc etc would not help the x1 close the cap.

The reality is this. This move by MS to release all xbox games day day and date on PC literally makes the xbox less relevant especially to core gamers that are the most important to the console gaming industry.

Even if Sony were to release all PSVIta game on the PS4 the Vita will still be relevant as the reason why people buy the vita in the first place is its mobility. However there is no question that it will impact the PSVita sales negatively as some gamers vita games that are not avaliable on the PS4 on the PS4 like gravity Rush etc.

However you guys keep on believing that this will not impact the x1 negatively like you guys believe that other things would have helped the x1 close the gap on the PS4.

jb2272648d ago

The difference is those games are all announced at reveal as being cross platform titles, not held up as a full exclusive until the last minute. That kind of shady move is virtually unheard of in the industry & console aside from MS and Xbox.

yomfweeee2648d ago

That's not the same thing... can your brain not comprehend that?

Let's say you have a PS4 and no Vita. Sony announces God of War 4 is coming only to Vita. Being a GOW fan, you buy a Vita. Then weeks before release, Sony announces it is coming to PS4 too.

You got a right to be pissed? Hell yes.

rainslacker2647d ago (Edited 2647d ago )

Up until a month or so ago, MS marketed the Xbox as it's own platform, that could support Windows 10. A couple weeks ago, the entire argument changed into Windows 10 is the platform, and now Xbox is just a way to support that. So to the people that brought the Xbox as a gaming platform, and didn't buy Windows to play games on, it's easy enough to be upset.

MS itself is changing the dynamics of what the Xbox console is about, and Xbox fans are perpetuating this idea that the Xbox is no longer a gaming console, but rather a Windows platform.

If I want a Windows platform, I'll use any number of my various PC's to do so. I want a gaming platform. If that platform runs on windows, great, whatever, but I see no need to purchase another, under powered, highly restrictive PC which offers no benefit over PC.

Xbox has lost it's identity. It is no longer Xbox. It is Windows. And the fan boys, and MS itself, are crusading that it is the best thing since sliced bread.

I don't personally think it means the end of Xbox hardware, but to not see that the Xbox console has become redundant and made into something entirely different than what it was before is just being willfully ignorant of all signs that point to Xbox being nothing more than a Windows device.

Just stop calling it an Xbox. Call it a crappy Win10 PC that can play games above the level of a comparably equipped full Windows 10 PC. At least before, as an Xbox console it had it's own identity.

Neonridr2647d ago

@yomfweeee - but as a Vita owner could you still not play the game too? What's to be upset about? That someone who owns a PS4 can now play God of War?


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PhucSeeker2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

That's not really a fair comparison now, is it? If either Sony or Nintendo has a big pc os and wants to make it big then you bet your ass they gon put exclusive games on it.

Germany72648d ago

PS4 and Wii U will receive great exclusives this year, Xbox One will not have any exclusive, it's curious how Xbox One could be the first console without exclusives.

Azzanation2647d ago

In the console market, Xbox still has just as many exclusives then its competitors.

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Gwynbleidd2648d ago

I don't get all the fuss. The game is still a console exclusive. Futher more a Microsoft platform exclusive which strengthens Microsofts position overall and is strategically the right step to immprove the MS gaming division!

Neonridr2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

Reasonable, logical thinking here on N4G???

shhhhhhh... get out of here with that sort of talk


I agree completely with you by the way.

iistuii2648d ago

Yep all what you say is correct..

Free_Fro2648d ago

doesn't he know how toxic the gaming community online can be?

I guess he's too busy making games to notice ^_^.


Herbalistic2648d ago

The only ones upset over the announcement were crazy fanboys.Remedy have always been heavy in support of PC and consoles.