No Man’s Sky Galaxy-sized Info Blowout

MWEB GameZone writes: "Knowledge is power, so prepare yourself with a plethora of new amazing facts about the game that you will need; when you start exploring the universe of No Man's Sky on 21 June 2016."

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HanCilliers1379d ago

This game .... GOTY 2016 defs. Love that Explorer's Edition.

Sillicur1379d ago

That ship looks awesome! Hopefully the game is as good as it looks!

Aleithian1379d ago

Looks good. Got a preorder in for that and the PS4 Collector's Edition! Hyped!

Pogmathoin1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

This is the reason I own a PS4, also going to avoid all teasers for this game, just buy it.....

But seriously Goty talk is premature, there are many games I love, but know they are not goty.

thekingrobert1379d ago

I bought my PS4 last year hoping this would have come out in November

SonZeRo1379d ago

Looks good, can't wait to give it a go.

schmoe1379d ago

you mean cant wait to get lost

phoenixwing1379d ago

In one of the dev interview videos one of the first things people do is lose their ship once they're on the planet because there is no way points to guide them. I'm sure they added a compass or something to find your ship again but yeah xD

Goldby1378d ago


Theres a hud indicator for your ship i believe

Tsunade1379d ago

If they make this game PSVR compatible... Wow. When you take your PSVR off you will say: what world am I? Lol

isarai1379d ago

I'm trying my damnedest to go full media blackout on this, but this sudden surge of info is really making it hard. Really want to leave as much of this game a surprise as i can

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