Why Resident Evil Spin-off Umbrella Corps Could Be A Good Game

The Resident Evil shooter spin-off game Umbrella Corps has already been rejected by some gamers. Find out why one writer thinks fans are being too quick to judge.

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Tdmd1381d ago

Okay, lets read this and give it a chance.
"The Resident Evil *shooter*..."
NOPE! Lost me! ¬¬

CrimsonWing691380d ago

Yea the Resident Evil spin-off Umbrella Corps could be a good game...if it weren't a Resident Evil spin-off Umbrella Corps game.

Seriously, what Resident Evil fan wanted or asked for this game? In fact they felt the only way they could sell this game was slapping their most popular brand name on it. There's no way this would be able to even move a decent amount of copies if it were its own standalone IP.

Capcom freaking knew it. The fact that you even have to come up with an opinion piece trying to convince people that the game "COULD" be a good game is pretty telling that this isn't going to be a great game with the marketing and videos failing to sell it.

TheCommentator1380d ago

I want to know who the company competing with Umbrella is. In Resident Evil 0, they talk about the beginnings of the T-Virus being stolen from another company and completed by Umbrella. As far as I remember, the company is never even named, let alone mentioned again.