Wartile Brings a Beautiful Tabletop Strategy to PCs - Cliqist

Serena Nelson writes: "The artwork stands above most other strategy games in that it actually looks like an animated miniatures battle. Even the figures look like they could have been store bought. Which might be a selling point to some. Right now it's just Vikings versus the English, but I wouldn't be surprised that if Wartile becomes popular enough it might break into other genres like horror or sci-fi. I'm not sold on the game as it currently is, mostly because of my aversion towards this style of tabletop game, but if there was to be an expansion featuring Cthulhu and his ilk (for instance) I'd give it a second glance."

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garyanderson1380d ago

Looks great to me. Im,looking forward to,it more than the author is.

Skate-AK1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I think this would work really good with the HTC Vive. It might be too in depth to not use a keyboard but it would be cool to add some type of streamlined mode just for if you're using the Vive.

Edit: I might be wrong about the keyboard part. I thoght it was more of a RTS.