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Rebel_Scum1377d ago

About time Snes games made it to 3ds. Overpriced naturally.

eferreira1377d ago

Where's the hate from everyone? You have to re buy these again if owned on a wii u.
Funny how Sony got the back lash and Nintendo gets the pass......again

Mykky1377d ago

Maybe Nintendo fans are less whiny?

Majin-vegeta1377d ago

Oh no trust me there was quite a few Ninty fanboys from this site slinging mud at Sony when they announced PS2 emu.I better see them in here.

Griever1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Sony fans were fine with the prices. The games were being fixed and upscaled and trophies were being added so the prices were fine. It was actually the Nintendo and especially Xbox fanboys who were crying foul just to prove that their consoles and BC options were better. It was pointed out even at that time that Nintendo BC games were more expensive and with no improvements. Now we have overpriced 20 year old games with no improvements whatsoever and there is no backlash, no criticism and no articles. It is all about the double standards of the gaming journalism and fanboys.

Majin-vegeta1377d ago

Exactlt and unlike the PS2 games.Theze dont have anything.They're still the same game from when they released.

JustInTlME1377d ago

Oh I am pissed. That's super shitty. If I own them on Wii-U I should get at least a discount for 3DS.