More Likely To Disappoint: Uncharted 4 Or No Man's Sky?

Two huge games are coming to PlayStation 4 between May and June, but which one is most likely NOT to satisfy the super lofty expectations of gamers?

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CamBulls121372d ago

Neither, both will be good.

DARKKENT1372d ago

Do flame bait hit seeking articles like this still get approved?

Kingthrash3601372d ago

Hope not....this article needs to fail big time.
It's just stupid and flame bait at best. I mean disappoint who? These are two totally different games one of the made by proven devs who imo and many others opinion are the best devs in gaming today while the other is trying something new as well as trying to make its mark in the industry. One is a AAA the other is a indie. They will appeal to differnt crowds (I'm in both crowds...Lucky me!) Will some be dissapointed?..yes, of both games. Simply because it's not their thing...from what I see from these games personally, looks very impressive. UC looks just insane NMS looks limitless. No matter what you like anyone can see that. This article should fail just for being negative without reason. Wait until they are out and make an article that says "Are these games disappointing?" It's more respectable and sounds like something we'd want to read.

Mr Pumblechook1372d ago

I don't like deliberately negative articles. This PS4Extreme writer Ben Dukta has a history of spinning stories about PlayStation so they are always negative, it's almost as if he is a stealth Xbox fan!

He is also the guy who gave Assassin's Creed Unity a glowing review and after the public backlash and suspicions of impropriety he lowered his score! I would have thought it better to stand by your convictions - unless there was another reason for the high praise...

Let me make a positive suggestion for the website. I would have angled a similar article so it would be like "which PS4 exclusive are you looking forward to most?"

SniperControl1372d ago

It's articles like these that also get approved the quickest, mostly by the other side of the fence, but that goes for both sides as well.
Just the nature of n4g.

As for UC4 & NMS, both have the potential to dissapoint depending on which side of the above mentioned fence you sit.

For me, i cant bloody wait for both, Uncharted is one of my favorite IP's of all time, NMS is what i love about exploration games, just flying around doing my own thing, just like i enjoy doing in Elite with my Rift DK2.

LostDjinn1372d ago

I think n4g should implement a system where you can submit anything. If it's proven false the site responsible and the user who submitted it get banned though.

Man, this place'd change in an hour.

mikeslemonade1372d ago

Both will dissapoint. U4 won't get higher than 89 meta and No Man Sky is low 80s.

Kingthrash3601372d ago

Explain please.

jb2271372d ago

This is the funniest part to me:

"We could just be optimistic and say that both titles will be Game of the Year contenders in 2016 but optimism doesn't always fly on the Internet. ;)"

Optimism definitely doesn't fly when you write an article insinuating that at least 1 of 2 highly anticipated games will somehow disappoint even though the writer in question most likely hasn't put his hands on either title. This site only ever seems to write a single paragraph hypothetical question to incite conversations & clicks which is fine, but couldn't they have taken that dreaded optimistic approach & just asked "Which is more likely to be better received?"

Goldby1371d ago

i guess forza 6 was a dissapointment cuz its sitting at 87.
titan fall got the horrendous 86 alongside Rise of the Tomb Raider.

oh god and to think 343 is still i business after the worst release ever with halo 5 sitting at 84

if you think 80s are dissapointments you need serious help

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Aceman181372d ago

Neither just these articles trying to drum up hits.

BlakHavoc1372d ago

Is this a serious question? Look at ND's track record, they always deliver and their last 3 games were masterpieces. I think NMS will be good but it's definitely more likely to disappoint.

freshslicepizza1372d ago

agreed. all signs are showing that uncharted 4 will be one of the best games this year. i have a feeling no mans sky will disappoint though.

xixdubyxix1372d ago

Even though I have been looking forward to NMS since the reveal in 2013, I have to agree. I still have minor reservations about whether it'll be great or not. With Uncharted 4, there are no doubts in my mind.

BlakHavoc1372d ago

The concept of NMS and the limitless universe it possesses are intriguing. But the game also looks like it lacks content inside of its universe, from what I've seen there's plenty planets to explore but not much there to see when you arrive. Plus I think the game relies a lot upon the ability to explore, I want to know what else you can do? Maybe if this game was a VR game id be more excited, cause that'd be some immersive stuff! UC4 looks like it'll be the best in the series yet, from what I've seen of it, there's no reason to assume it's going to disappoint. Unless you're just not a fan of the first 3.

rainslacker1371d ago

If your expectations are tempered with doubt, then the chances that it will disappoint are greatly lowered. most of the disappointing games through years tend to be disappointing due to people's unreasonable expectations of them...or misappropriated belief on what they were supposed to be.

iceman061372d ago

NMS is definitely a more niche title. In fact, it might be the direct antithesis of Uncharted. It's meant to be a slow, plodding exploration with limited story or narrative. The mystery and intrigue drive the over arching need to explore. Uncharted is heavily narrated and story driven and about as action filled as you would want. (which probably has broader appeal) Also, I have no doubt that Uncharted will sell more simply because of ti's established history.
That being said, there's room for both to be successful on their own terms.

jb2271372d ago

Definitely agree. Even if UC4 is just more of the same, it will still be a hit w/ the fans & the majority of the gaming sphere. NMS has a much tougher track. That said I could see NMS surprising people, because for as long as the game was hyped as the next coming, we've now spent just as much time assuming it'll naturally disappoint. I think people's expectations are going to be low going in & it'll set NMS up to be a successful game w/ a very long tail.

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FasterThanFTL11372d ago

Not Uncharted 4, that's for sure.

DragoonsScaleLegends1372d ago

No Man's Sky is more likely but I doubt either will.

Silly gameAr1372d ago

Well, aren't you just a downer site.

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