Picking Pokémon Starters Using “Science”

Noah says, "The Pokémon titles are iconic in every sense of the word. Nintendo has crafted a game series that isn’t simply limited to game releases. Through countless amounts of mediums, Pokémon is able to expand its reign year in and year out. The first titles, Red and Green, launched in 1996 which means that 2016 is the series’ twentieth anniversary. Within twenty long years of game releases, Pokémon has added a plethora of Pokémon to the ever-growing roster. Alongside raising the amount of general Pokémon, with every release, there is a new selection of Pokémon starters for you to select. I will be selecting the best from all six trios of Pokémon by using exact science proven throughout the centuries. I believe its scientific name is, “Looks The Best.” It’s from a German origin, I think. Let’s begin!"

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