The limited edition Super Famicom Nintendo 3DS is only for Japan

Nintendo of Japan had an announcement during its version of today's Nintendo Direct that didn't show up during the North American broadcast: The company is releasing a Super Famicom-themed limited edition version of its New Nintendo 3DS overseas.

The Super Famicom New 3DS is priced at ¥21,600 (about $190) and will be released in Japan in April.

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Pookandpie1372d ago

Of course it is. Because being region-free is too much to ask, now it is similarly too much to ask that these fantastically designed consoles be sold in other territories.

Sure, NA wouldn't get it without there being two shades of purple over the buttons, but the Japanese and European systems had the same button coloration- they'd merely need to change, "Super Famicom" to, "Super Nintendo."

*Sigh* I have the Majora's Mask N3DS, too, and I'd love to get this. Too bad the only way I'd be able to play games would be through homebrew, thanks to region lock.

Skate-AK1372d ago

That's so lame. That thing looks awesone.

Geobros1372d ago

why why?? Snes is my favorite console, I would like to have this version.