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WayForward first released A Boy and his Blob on the Wii way back in 2009 and despite it taking 7 years for the game to hit PC and other consoles this reimagining of the NES classic is a great puzzle platformer that tells a simple yet heart-warming tale that is well worth diving into either for its friendly charm or even just for that feeling of nostalgia.

A Boy and his Blob is a 2D puzzle platformer that tells a minimalistic tale about a blob from Blobonia that flees to earth in order to seek a hero worthy enough to help save his world from an evil emperor. Teaming up with a boy from earth, the two will work together to save Blobonia once and for all. Spanning across four different worlds, Boy and his Blob will form a strong friendship and make their way through diverse locations during their quest.

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jchaplin22024d ago

Excited for this game. I'm glad it got a remake; I remember playing it on the NES

DynoMiteLaserCat2024d ago

I loved this game back in the day!