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Hey Poor Player's Kenny McKee writes - "Regardless of personal religious standpoint, it’s probably safe to say that many of us have wondered what Heaven is like. While almost everyone who has given it a thought surely has their own unique version of what it must be like, it is probably also safe to say that, generally, Heaven is imagined by those on Earth to be a much different place than the realm in which we currently reside. Have you ever given a thought, however, to the opposite? What might Angels think of Earth and the strange creatures that inhabit it?"

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derkasan1379d ago

Kind of looks like the Deponia games. I like the art style.

dead_pixels1379d ago

I can absolutely see that. Can't go wrong with more Point & Click games.

JMPetrequin1379d ago

Exceeds my heavens hopes, that's for sure.

EvilAsh1379d ago

I miss these old school point and click adventures. May have to try this one out.