Games Like The Division Don’t Interest Me Anymore

Although The Division is poised to become one of the breakout new IPs of 2016, one writer looks to the future of his time playing the game with a sense of dread.

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breakpad1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

same here but not exactly for the reasons he mentions....the whole physiology of games nowdays has changed ..Simple , accessible, non ending -MMo type -games with shallow content and mediocre artistic qualities are made only for quick cash grab...who will remember Destiny or Division in a decade ? no intriguing plot, no exciting game moments, not even fun gameplay (repetitive shooting which was already over repleted in other TPS etcetc) ...with the reappearance of old type of quality games like BLoodborne, i hope the MMO-get-quick-cash trend to alleviate itself and not become a standard

Hoffmann1380d ago

Well, what can I write again except "same here"

I prefer quality games too. They don't need to be trendy, cool and all about shooting.

SpinalRemains1381380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )


I would actually go so far as to say that FromSoft, starting with Demon's Souls, kept me into gaming. Today's games are good, but I detest that they aren't hard. (By default I put every game on hardest setting and they're still easy) That one simply finishes a game like a movie or book, whereas Souls games are from the old mold where you "beat" or "conquer" it.

TLoU was a rare exception because it was ......well, exceptional. Games like TLoU don't come around too often though. Man that game was truly incredible, even it was a contemporary finish it type of game.

Timesplitter141380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I think people are slowly but surely getting tired of the run-off-the-mill AAA game formula.

Actually, I'm sure people have been tired of those for a long time now, but most don't even realize it because they still feel socially pressured to be excited for them due to all the artificial hype and marketing.

I lost about 10 hairs while writing that last sentence due to how pretentious it sounds but I'm too lazy to change it

Hoffmann1380d ago

And here I am today evening, its around 11 PM here just back from my work (late shift) and am going to play a bit Disgaea 5 which I got this week or play a couple of stages in Samurai Warriors 4 II.

Am glad nobody of my friends wants me to play something like Star Wars Battlefronts or Destiny and I look at multiple reviews and even more the reactions of gamers in comments.

I remember that Destiny as example got a good couple of praising reviews but many commenters disagreed and discussed whats bad about this game.

Am glad² we have these awesome platforms to communicate with others about our hobby and are able to " others sometimes if the reviewers were a bit too "excited"

BABY-JEDI1380d ago

I think a lot of us were looking forward to the general idea & ambition of games like Destiny. Then reality struck. Limited worlds. Limited story lines. Limited character development. Limited tactical game play. Unlimited DLC that still didn't seem to bridge the gaps. Resentment is real when some business people try to screw you over. The Division seems to be following this business model, which is pretty disappointing 🙁

-Foxtrot1381d ago


People get hyped, see the season pass, content which has probably been cut, other downgrades, still go onto buy and defend it and many weeks after release moan on the internet how much of a let down it is while Ubisoft counts their money they've stupidly just given them despite not learning from their past mistakes with Ubisoft as a company or other games like the Division such as Destiny.

Why can't people just learn from their past mistakes. It's not hard.

xPhearR3dx1381d ago

And what about the people who thought the game was going to be terrible, tried the beta, loved it, and pre-ordered it. And here's the best part, they actually enjoy the game and play it and have fun?

Why can't people just learn that people are always going to bitch and moan on the internet about every video game released?

Lord_Sloth1380d ago

*plays co-op with my brother.......has apparently in the wrong*

Khaotic1380d ago

Judging by the disagrees I'm thinking people are getting sick of the elitist neck beard hipsters always hating on everything no matter what and judging people for what they like. Just my thought

Silver_ShadoWolf1380d ago

You couldn't have said it better.

SpinalRemains1381380d ago

Getting sick of?

That kind of implies that neck beard hipsters were at one time, acceptable. They never were and thank god for that.

ProgressiveLiberal1380d ago

Foxtrot seems to have a thing against people having fun. Apparently playing and enjoying a game with friends is wrong.

AtariFanboy1380d ago

Learn from their past mistakes? Have you ever thought that people actually enjoy games like Destiny or Division? It's called opinions. We get it you don't like them, but no need to shame everyone who does.

sullynathan1380d ago

sounds a lot like the witcher 3 and Fallout 4. Two single player focused games.

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Simco8761380d ago

I'm a chronic game jumper. Longest game I stuck with was mainly launch Diablo II. Spend months on the game, but now with so many great titles out, it's hard to just hang with one. It's not a bad thing, but sometimes you just want to get into that Rocket League tourney and win. But you haven't played 1000 hours of the game so you can't do what others can.

So it goes.

2pacalypsenow1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

These are the same people who praise Nintendo games even tho they are basically the same games over and over. But yet call games like these repetitive and boring

Timesplitter141380d ago

They may all be called Mario but they're not all the same games

Captain_Winky1380d ago

Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Smash Bros, Mario Party.. not the same game right? Just new levels/characters every time a new one comes out.

Timesplitter141380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Well, at least Mario games don't suffer from the same problem run-off-the-mill AAA games have. There are little to no games that are similar to Mario currently. However, there are tons of games that are similar to run-off-the-mill AAA games.

People have played enough "you're a sci-fi dude firing guns at dudes" games. It's time for something different

Bismarn1380d ago

Games like this never interested me. If I'm playing the same game after three months that means I'm missing playing something else. Life is too short to read the same book 5 times.

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The story is too old to be commented.