Rhythm Heaven Megamix Announced for Nintendo 3DS

A new game in the Rhythm Heaven series was announced for the Nintendo 3DS during the Direct presentation today.

Rhythm Heaven Megamix will feature over 100 mini-games featured in the original Rhythm Heaven title for Nintendo DS, Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Nintendo Wii, and the unreleased version released exclusively in Japan on the Game Boy Advance.

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Axecution1554d ago

sweeeeeeeeeeet time to bust out the 3DS again

RosweeSon1554d ago

Don't think I've turned mine off in 4 years... It's been to sleep a few times sure ;)

Axecution1552d ago

haha fair enough. Most people are like that.

I honestly got it for the rhythm games and Smash. (Rhythm Thief 10/10)

Never been a big fan of RPGs (Pokemon, Zelda, Monster Hunter, etc) which kinda limits me with it aha.

RosweeSon1552d ago

Yeah that is true seems to have the RPG's covered at the moment. Great for those who like them but Zelda and Pokemon is my RPG limits ;) other than that it's all about smash, Mario kart, Pilotwings and Luigis mansion 2. Some pretty great games on the system.

Venox20081551d ago

I am a big fan of these series.. i will get it for sure