Is A World War 1 Battlefield What Gamers Really Want?

The rumor hitting the internet, is that the next Battlefield game will be set in World War One. This rumor has been met with a lot of mixed thoughts. Poli Games host, Joseph tells you why we need more games set during this famous war. That this might be the best thing for the Battlefield series.

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Poli_Games1378d ago

Right!? Theres not enough major AAA games that are exploring history. Other then Assassins Creed.

EeJLP-1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I want excellent games.. don't care where or when they take place if they're great. Based on past games though, I'd want Bad Company 3 from the Battlefield franchise; fun and interesting characters.

SourtreeDing1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

No its not what Gamers want....

its what Gamers on the internet want.... and thats a small percentage.. thats how i see it

kreate1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I agree. we are not the mass. Cuz we dont really play games, we just talk about it ..

_-EDMIX-_1378d ago

Not really. As a long, long time BF fan, I care about its concept.

Time frame actually doesn't matter to me.

I want to capture, defend.

I want to heal, give ammo to, support by spotting people with Recon etc.

What I love from the BF series, is actually its over all concept.

Not how it feels, not the time period etc. Most BF games don't really feel like each other, they are in different times, wars etc, but that doesn't really matter much to me.

Can I heal my buddy? Can I give him ammo? I like knowing that I'm part of the team and helping in the good fight and don't actually need to be this rambo type ALLLLLLLL the time.

I like knowing that merely reviving and healing all my team mates might change the tide of the battle and help us win even if I didn't take a single life.

BF is sorta that type of game where the overall objective of WINNING is more important then personal kills. The time period doesn't actually mean jack to me lol. Its merely just a different setting and I'm actually find with less tech as the more high tech junk shows up, the more confusing they make the game.

I don't need anymore robots thank you very much lol

Psychotica1377d ago

Small percentage? That's silly when you consider most of the game is played in online multiplayer.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1378d ago

a change in this case a different global conflict, is welcome as it will be different then current FPS titles.

ziggurcat1378d ago

i've been wanting a WW shooter for years, now.

sullynathan1378d ago

It's not but the N4G crowd thinks it is because "change is good and reasons"

lipton1011378d ago

Yeah. I'm looking for more of modern / near future shooter 57.5 too. Why change what hasn't changed in 10 years across just as many iterations? You're so right! Why in the hell should a company ever take a risk? They should know we all want the same game every year, spoon fed to us like the good little flock we are. /s

sullynathan1378d ago

Isn't that funny? Lets look at the recent Battlefield games. You had modern Batttlefield 3, then modern Battlefield 4 then you had cops and robbers Battlefield hardline.

Do you not see which one is different here? This thought that "we have to try something different for the sake of it" doesn't always work.

Look at another recent game, Far Cry primal. Again, another complete change in setting for a series yet did not make for a better game.

You also seem to think that somehow, making a WW1 shooter will be better or different from the countless WW2 shooters we had back in the day or the countless modern shooters we have today.

Why do you think that with the template they already have for WW2 shooters and modern shooters that they will make something different with a WW1 shooter?

kaizokuspy1378d ago

It'd be nice to not have heat seeking crap everytime you fly. Idk, I think it will be interesting to bayonet all classic like

sullynathan1378d ago

tell dice to make vehicles less op.

DOMination-1377d ago

This scenario is similar to resident evil. After RE3 people demanded change because it was getting boring. So they did. Then after RE5 everybody wanted it to go back to its roots.

After CoD4 everyone wanted modern shooters. So that's what we got. And now everyone wants WW2 again.

I just want good games. But developers should take risks and not just follow what's in at the moment

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Max-Zorin1378d ago

Anything but cliche WW2.

lipton1011378d ago

I know, right?!? There's already WAY too many WW2 shooters on the current generation consoles. Man, it's like every other shooter released is a ww2 shooter... I mean come on, when technology advances, then maybe it'll be worth it, but for now I'm so sick of this more of the same nonsense!

I forgot to mention, I'm also a time traveler from the year 2005. I just learned Donald Trump may very well be the next president as well. Please, if you know how to go backwards in time, please PM me... I make $25k / year but was just about to close on a sub-prime mortgage before this time travel opportunity came up

Summons751378d ago

If you manage to make it back to 2005, please do whatever you can to stop Trumps near reign of terror....also invest heavily in Apple and Google, maybe pricy but the payout in 2016 will be worth it.

Summons751378d ago

You do realize WW2 hasn't been used in a really long time and would look so good with modern graphics and engines. Also, with the amount of events that happened in that war devs barely scratched the surface of WW2. WW1 has been severely underused and there are a lot in interesting things that happened there.

But no, let's stick with the clearly barely used not cliche at all Modern/future hybrids that recycle the same cut and paste stories, single character archtypes, unrealistic wartime scenarios. Yeah...that hasn't been done before, let's go with that.

Max-Zorin1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I don't want them to literally stick to modern times, or the future. I just want them to use other war settings. Or is WW2 the only war that's worth a damn.

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