Far Cry Primal Trophy Guide

Need help earning the prehistoric Plat in Far Cry Primal? Well, PlayStation LifeStyle is here to help with our Far Cry Primal Trophy Guide!

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Goldby963d ago

just look up the far cry 4 trophies /s

i kidd i kidd

FunkyGoron962d ago

I'll have this plat by next week. Very easy if you "try" for the specific kill ones and make sure you pick up collectibles are your near them.

Thank God they only made it 80 for the collectibles and not all of them.

My map is just a bunch of symbols and '?' now

I think Hunting the 3 beasts will take a little bit of time. As long as nothing glitches, definitely getting this plat!

DynoMiteLaserCat962d ago

This looks like a totally achievable plat... love it.