No Man’s Sky Is Redefining What It Means To Be An “Indie” Game

ThisGenGaming says "For a game that has seemingly been shrouded in mystery for a long while, No Man’s Sky sure is surrounded by a huge amount of hype and anticipation. No Man’s Sky is an upcoming adventure survival video game developed and published by the indie studio Hello Games. The game has had a few showings here and there but for the most part the only thing that’s absolutely certain is the quintessential role that exploration plays in the game. It’s now clear that there is a bit more depth to the game with players able to trade, fight, explore, and survive in a boundless, computer-generated universe."

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TheGreatGamer1372d ago

If it's a quality game then it deserves it

Eonjay1372d ago

Good point. How quickly do people forget that the Witness just came in and blew everyone away. You don't need to have a huge corporation to create quality.

Goldby1372d ago

Looking forward to HellBlade, another indie game

Horseygamer1372d ago

this has been done before with Elite!! witch will be out on PS4 at some point, not to say i wont give it a try but this is not Elite substitute 'right on CMDR' see you in the black

Goldby1372d ago

Elite doesn't have 18,000,000,000,000,000 planets. all procedural created to be as realistic as possible when it comes to solar systems and ecosystems

NMS is a first of its kind.

cyril sneer1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

This is my main concern the fact everything is procedurally generated i dont want to visit 10 planets then after that go to another one and be like hmmm feels like i have been here before.

Goldby1371d ago (Edited 1371d ago )

I can see why that maybe a concerrn, sean addressed an issue in one of the interviews, about how the planets, colors, sizes, plants and creatures all have a mathematical reason for being there, you wont see huge dinosaur like creatures on a planet with 2% oxygen, like wise planets closer to the sun will havw next to no life and larger plants will have creatures affected by the gravity (lesz flying ones etc.)

Indie for development, sony i believe covered the cost of a new studio when the old one was flooded. Maybe covered promotion with sony at e3 and other venues

Horseygamer1371d ago

some of you youngsters while you where a twinkle in ya dad's eye Elite was the first sand box game way back in the 80's on the BBC micro computer. David Braben and Ian Bell invented the space sim. a little history lesson!!! see you in the Black CMDR

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Dark_Crow1372d ago

No it is not.
Indie does not exist and is a term that has been twisted by

Small budget games and big budget games. That is all

Davi1231371d ago

In fact, indie is a term. Abbreviated from independent studio.
It start to be used when studios without cash, asks for money to fund their projects. Them all gamers start to associate indie to beginner studios.
The stupid thing that gamers have done, is associate to that term: poor quality.

Dark_Crow1371d ago

Didnt say indie isn't a term.

A game isn't independent. The developer is independant.

Remedy is an indie developer for instance.
So is CD ptojekt I believe.

Gamers have created the term that is now more associated with games instead of developers.

And it means more then just poor quality.
It degrades the value of the game in every sense.

Davi1231371d ago


I don't know if Remedy is a independent studio, but their project "Quantum Break" isn't for sure. Because MS are involved.
Don't forget all gamers have associate "beginner studio" to indie. So Remedy isn't a indie studio to many.

Ozmoses1372d ago

I cannot wait! I've been glued to this game since they first announced it.

I saw the trailer and announcement today and went straight to GameStop.. pre-ordered the limited edition and already paid it off in full.

medman1371d ago

I'm with you...I preordered the limited edition from Amazon immediately. Glad I did, because it's currently showing as unavailable on Amazon.

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