The Division 1.1 Update Notes Leaked, Global Illumination & Lighting Fixed

The Division is now available for preload and the 1.1 update notes have been leaked. They seem to include fixes to GI and lighting in general.

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Chris_Wray1376d ago

Well I've got my Collector's Edition preordered so I'm looking forwared to it. May be the first time in a while I'm looking forward to a Ubi game.

Alexious1376d ago

I've foregone my love for Collectors, but I share the interest in The Division. Especially after their reveal of content for year one.

thekhurg1376d ago

Jelly about collectors - but I grabbed the Gold Edition digital copy on PS4. Gonna rock this game out and have boat loads of fun.

antz11041376d ago

They fixed the turrets targeting non rogues!! WINNING.

EeJLP-1375d ago


I agreed, but what about when you're rogue and being shot at? I hated when a turret would turn you rogue, but I'd want my turret shooting non-rogues who are trying to kill me when I'm rogue. Hopefully that still functions correctly.

antz11041375d ago


I think the turrets will target enemy combatants, at least that makes sense to me.

Lol best bet is don't go rogue.

UKmilitia1375d ago

i missed that,wil lhave to look into that

starchild1375d ago

Nice fixes. I'm looking forward to this one.

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kaiserfranz1376d ago

Can't wait to see how it looks now!

Aurenar1376d ago

I want to play this game so hard.

PeaSFor1375d ago

"Tweaked exaggerated rimlight shader on characters"?!

I'd prefer my rim to not be exaggerated please? already gonna get shafted in the DZ.....

Rivitur1376d ago

It looks good but I really didn't like the dlc announcement, it made the game look unfinished.

Alexious1376d ago

The Division is an online game. Those are never "finished".

-Foxtrot1376d ago

Really? We're doing this are we

Right ok then

I'll see you after release when you feel short handed with mostly everyone else.

Pongwater1376d ago


Yes, really.

"I'll see you after release"

Yes I look forward to you cherry picking an article written by someone who doesn't like the game and saying "See? I was right!" while ignoring or ridiculing any articles written by people who enjoy the game.

I've seen this happen way too many times to not expect it.

KwietStorm1375d ago

Oh look foxtrot is whining again. Alexious is completely right. An online game in a persistent world is never "finished." It is an on-going experience. Some people have this prejudice against ALL DLC, as if adding content to any and every game is such a terrible thing. If you don't want to play more, then don't. But offering more content does not automatically mean the shipped game is unfinished.

thekhurg1376d ago

How does an online evolving experience not look finished? It's always going to be changing. They could have no said anything at all, but instead they announced what their plans are for the rest of the year and that's awesome of them to do.

Festano1376d ago

Indeed, I guess developers can never win in the eyes of some "gamers"

EeJLP-1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

It's awesome unless the content is already complete and should have been included on your $60 disc/dl, which it appears it may be, since they already showed part of the last DLC.

I preordered Gold and I'm perfectly fine with true post-production DLC add-ons/expansions. I'm not ok with incomplete products for full price and then having to pay extra to get the full product that you already paid for.

aconnellan1375d ago


People were looking for a roadmap, and that's exactly what Ubi delivered.

The alternative would be to not announce anything at all, so no one knows what's happening - which is precisely what people were complaining about last week ("we don't even know if 'X' is in the game, everyone boycott Ubisoft")

Rivitur1375d ago

They don't have an end game. They announced dlc that will be temporary end game. Ffs one of the dlc is survival mode

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