Valve Software: A fractured, out-of-touch company

PC Invasion's Tim McDonald looks at why the biggest name in PC gaming is, potentially, one of the worst companies for it.

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GreetingsfromCanada1376d ago

I never understood the almost religious aura around Steam. Honestly, things like GOG, Origin, Uplay, etc work fine.

Dubaman1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

It's not very well implemented but the reward system is pretty cool. I like receiving game content and little bonuses by playing the game, or earning an otherwise pointless Achievement or Trophy.

1376d ago
SteamPowered1376d ago

Does Origin, Uplay, etc do gamestreaming, FPS counters, family sharing, item trading, twitch streaming, friend lists, Co-op streaming (the other player doesnt even need to own the game, cloud saves, PLUS incredible daily/weekly/monthly/annual sales?
Origin and Uplay may "work just fine" but Steam is still king for a reason.

sullynathan1376d ago

gog and origin have friends list and cloud saves and lots of sales. You want an fps counter, get fraps.

Steam is king for being out before all these other companies for so long.

Eamon1376d ago

You have to give Valve credit for being ahead of the game for so long before its competitors joined in. And their pioneering vision to lead the future the same way Netflix did.

Takwin1376d ago

Steam has the most games, the best sales, and the most users, which is essential for multiplayer and communities.

I only buy a Dragon Age and Mass Effect on Origin. GOG is a cute idea and they are fine, it I just prefer Steam and already have over 800 games on there. uPlay is a pile of garbage wrapped in a turd.

DLConspiracy1376d ago

I guess it's more about the community of PC gamers where as before steam PC gamers were sort of fragmented and not belonging to a particular community collection.

Sure, Steam is free to download and you don't have to buy but one game on it to use it fully but apparently a lot of people like to belong to a particular community more. We all use the ones you suggested because most times we have no choice. We rely solely on voice chat apps and in game chat to group us together.

OT: The whole James thing, perhaps they brought him back with conditions as to how far he could go and someone somewhere outside of Valve in China was upset. There could be many reasons that we don't know happened behind the scenes. So I don't think that's exactly a good point to make.

Archmagel1376d ago


Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

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-Foxtrot1376d ago

All the little things they've done over the years instead of new games and sequels to their old ones...if they didn't focus on Steam Machines, VR, Big Picture mode and the like we probably could have seen the likes of L4D3 by now and even a new IP while seeing more teases of Half Life 3

roadkillers1376d ago

I'd say Blizzard is the king of PC. Sure DOTA get's 66 million downloads, but WoW has 6 Million paid subscribers (still after 10 years). Counter-Strike may be a huge e-sport, but StarCraft helped create the e-sport genre. Blizzard is the only company that can release all of their games on disk and still sell millions (at store and online).

Valve has great IP's behind them, but nothing that can touch Blizzard. Half Life is that exception a fantastic 10/10/10/10 game,but I don't know how into making games they are anymore

Ogygian1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

For the love of GabeN!

What is this blasphemy!?

thepatientgamer1376d ago

I don't know. I think steam has been pretty awesome for the industry, especially for the rejuvenation of PC gaming in the public eye compared to all that PC GAMING IS DEAD bs that was circulating during the ps3/360 era. And compared to any of the other services (origin, uplay) steam is definitely the way to go. GOG is definitely its own thing, with its drm free games, old school games, and no need for a downloading service (although they have tried to tap into that). Yeah, valve may have concentrated a little too much in the expansion of its service instead of concentrating on games, but that is a small price to pay I say since in the end, they'll only grow as a company and be able to give us experiences that may now—due to their increase in revenue allowing for the development of new and untapped technology, which, hopefully, allows for a more accurate representation of their original ideas—be possible and maybe blow our minds by showing us something that we have never seen before.

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