No Man's Sky: Swimming in acid lakes and hanging out with my Yeti-Rabbit - PC Gamer

We got our hands on four of the game's 18 quintillion planets.

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creeping judas1378d ago

It almost seems that no one wants to acknowledge the existence of the PC version of this game, but everyone seemed to care about the fact that Quantum Break was coming to the PC as well, weird?

quent1378d ago

The words "console" exclusive likes to be thrown around with these late announced pc "also" titles, its just more to do with commercialism then anything else, also looking forward to the pc version ;)

Takwin1378d ago

This is an article from PC Gamer, with "PC Gamer" in the title and on the first frame of the video. They're not exactly hiding it.

crazysapertonight1378d ago

ps4 port of this was announced after game was claimed coming to PC

Muadiib1378d ago

It was a PC game before it was a PS4 game, it's not a comparable situation.

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