Beyond Good and Evil 2 Coming Exclusively to Nintendo NX – Rumor Discussion

OJ from PlayerEssence discusses the new rumor that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be heading exclusively to the Nintendo NX in 2017.

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Hoffmann1669d ago

Well, if it is true it shows that Nintendo is kinda desperate to get games on their platform.

But it would also mean we finally get this wanted game after the many years of rumors.

Summons751669d ago

Love how Nintendo saves games from never releasing and it's desperate. MS or Sony buys exclusivity and it's the best thing in the world...

They saved Bayonetta 2 from oblivion, gave creative freedom, and it was fantastic. I'm sure a similar projection could be guessed for this if it's true.

Hoffmann1669d ago

If its like with the last game sony helped to fund, Street Fighhter V, you can grab it on PC at least too and don't have to buy a PS4 for it.

And I still believe they didnt save Bayonetta 2 from oblivion. They were just the highest bidders for it.

rdgneoz31669d ago

"Love how Nintendo saves games from never releasing and it's desperate"

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is from Ubisoft, who "developed and published" the first game. The company is not broke by any means. Bayonetta 1 was published by Sega, but developed by PlatinumGames. Sega decided not to publish a sequel after work had already started, so PlatinumGames shopped around for a new publisher and found Nintendo.

There's a big difference between the 2 games.

Overall, if he does pop on the NX first it's most likely a few months to a year exclusivity, as Ubi knows how much money they would lose by not dropping it on the PS4/xbone with the millions of consoles already sold world wide. Titanfall 1 did that and #2 is coming out multiplat.

Shinox1669d ago

"They saved Bayonetta 2 from oblivion"
You put that picture into your mind .. I DON'T
this is Micro$oft Xbone desperation all over again

freshslicepizza1669d ago

hey, if nintendo can be the one to get this game off the ground more power to them. it would be a bold move and a smart move for nintendo to start leveraging itself.

i still think that any game that can come to more platforms the better but this game has been rumored for way too many years.

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2pacalypsenow1669d ago

Not really desperate they need to release games.

King Nezz1669d ago

What do you mean desperate? Are you going to tell me if you had a new platform, you wouldn't want a would-be AAA title all to yourself?

Hoffmann1669d ago

Well, other companies (not Microsoft obviously) have so much third party developers wanting to develope games on their platforms that they don't need to buy rights for the games by them.

Its a behaviour I only saw by Microsoft before.

King Nezz1669d ago

You've only seen it by Microsoft before? Really? Sony and Street Fight say hello.

But getting to the point, all console manufacturer's do it. Seems like Nintendo is joining in the fun more now.

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-Foxtrot1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )


We've been waiting years for this can you actually imagine the backlash, its not like Ubisoft is on good terms with most of us...and with most of the core audience for it mostly on the PS4/Xbox One and PC they would be killing the franchise for good this time.

Look what happened to Rayman Legends, Zombi U and the like.

WeAreLegion1669d ago

Strange rumor to start if it weren't true. So, I'm going to assume it IS true.

Either way, I just want the game. Michel Ancel is still involved with some things at Ubisoft and I hope this is one of them.

Also very excited for WiLD!

Pancit_Canton1669d ago

The first 2 didn't even sell that well. I doubt that thing will become a system seller for the WiiNX.

hduce1669d ago

Does it have to be a system seller? Why can't it be a great game to add to the library?

Pancit_Canton1669d ago

Well, If your going to secure a exclusivity and spend money on a IP. You might as well do that on a game that will gaurantee a system seller, especially during a system launch.

rdgneoz31669d ago

The amount of money they'd have to spend to keep it of the how many millions of PS4/xbones that have been sold so far... They'd need to pop out a ton of consoles as a result.

kraenk121668d ago

The first TWO?? Did I miss something?!

dcbronco1669d ago

If Nintendo is releasing another unpowered machine this is a mistake. If they push well past One and PS4 this is a great move for them and the developer.

jholden32491669d ago

I think you over-estimate the value of power.

As long as it's in the ballpark it's gonna be good enough. Little more than PS4, little less than X1... isn't gonna make a difference. Helll you'd have to do side by side comparisons just to differentiate.

I'd say that's about as negligible as it gets.

dcbronco1669d ago

I think it makes a difference. When you enter a race three years late you need something to differentiate yourself. A carbon copy with Mario and Zelda isn't enough. I don't think the person that cares about Nintendo IP cafes about the power. At the same time, I don't think the person that doesn't care about Nintendo IP has waited three years to buy a console.

You bring out a machine with three times the power and at $300 and you become the platform of choice for muliplats and you still have your IP to boost your bottom line. A console of similar power could launch for $229 but who would really want it but the same handful that bought a Wii U. Spend $40 extra Nintendo and put a chip with power in the damn thing.

I know you're never getting my money otherwise.

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