Focus Roundup with footage from Vampyr, Space Hulk - Deathwing, The Surge and Shiness

We recently visited the lineup event of the French publisher Focus Home Interactive for you. In this video we would like some of the presented there and imagine some anspielbaren title. Specifically, we deal in the video with Dontnods action adventure Vampyr, the Warhammer shooter Space Hulk - Deathwing, Deck13 action RPG The Surge and the indie RPG The Shiness to which it we also show you numerous scenes.

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kaiserfranz3056d ago

Interested in all of these. Focus rocks as far as I'm concerned.

DarkOcelet3056d ago

The visuals in Space Hulk: Deathwing looks insanely good.

Vampyr looks beautiful. , i am getting my hopes up for it since its DontNod making it.

Shiness looks so freaking amazing. Definitely on my buy list.

The Surge looks awesome too.

Those four games looks like a must buy.

gif3055d ago (Edited 3055d ago )

Like what Focus doing right now too many interesting games under development.

Vampyr,Shiness,The Surge,Space Hulk Deathwing,The Technomancer,Call of Cthulu,Styx Shards of Darkness,Insurgency Sandstorm.

Great lineup.


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HeliosHex611d ago

Code vein is a sexy soulslike game. Very well done. Wish it had dlc though.


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