Why Naughty Dog And Sony Deserve Respect For Pushing Uncharted 4 Back

ThisGenGaming says "Uncharted 4 was originally scheduled to release on April 26th 2016 in the US, April 27th 2016 for EU territories with the UK release being April 29th. For some reason Sony and/or Naughty Dog chose to not release Uncharted 4 as a worldwide release. It was a piece of news that went under the radar, and was a little bit of a shock to me as huge AAA titles like Uncharted should always be a worldwide release."

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04roacht1374d ago

The problem is this indicates that their workforce cannot deliver. I can already see how many 'disagree' highlights I will get. They say they can deliver it for a date and they fail. They delay again and fail. They delay again and fail. Either hire more people to do the job or don't give us a release date until you know for sure. Fallout 4 was announced when it was ready.

yomfweeee1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

A 3 or 4 year project took 8 weeks longer than expected.

Soooooo terrrrriibbbllleeee.

DragonDDark1374d ago

Lol exactly man.. I can't believe how people are over sizing this delay lol

solideagle1374d ago


you do realise how software development works? try to create a pac-man or tetris then comeback.

jcc7371374d ago

The game was originally set to be released in 2015. On March 11, 2015, Naughty Dog confirmed that Uncharted 4 was delayed to March 18, 2016 to allow for additional development time.[30] It was delayed again on December 24, 2015 to April 26, 2016.[31]

That's from Wiki...then it was delayed to May. Stop taking up for incompetance, it can still be a great game, but they need to have a solid date, and it's not just them. 8 weeks? 1 month and half? It looks like closer to 5 months 17 days to me, with it being delayed 4 friggin times. Come on...that's bogus.

yomfweeee1374d ago

March 11th was the first official release date. 8 weeks is based on that.

The 2015 was just an estimate way ahead of time.

freshslicepizza1374d ago

odd how they just showed a trailer with the release date only a week later to say it's been delayed by 8 weeks. something is not right here and it is likely all about timing of the release. is something else coming out then? what does 8 weeks give you when it's been in the making for probably 3 years?

sony is in a position to do whatever they want. delay this, delay that, and the ps4 will still sell well and not suffer. i said before and i will say again, games like horizon will be another that gets delayed. sony can and will delay things to space them out better.

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jmac531374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

This sounds like a production snafu. You do know that is not Naughty Dog in the factories pressing disks. There are a million different moving parts when developing a game. I for one am fine with a 2 week delay. It gives me time to finish the Uncharted Collection right before the finale.

TwoForce1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I understand that. It's kinda BS. But it understandable for reason. Because it will be the final entry of Uncharted franchise. So it not gonna be easy to make a final game. You have to make sure the game end with a bang. I'm not gonna lie, it's very hard to find a perfect piece to nail the final chapter. And again, i don't disagree neither agree with you, but i will wait. Lastly, the game need more copies to make sure a lot people buy it.

Summons751374d ago

But it's also a really positive thing that they aren't able to meet production needs for the amount of reserves this game has. It really shows how anticipated this game is, even with digital games being on the rise and I'm sure a large portion of reserves and purchases will be digital the fact that they couldn't anticipate the physical disc demand should be a positive message that Naughty Dog really has something on their hands. They can only predict so many copies they need and the reserve demand was higher than they predicted and that's awesome.

Plus it's only a two week delay, it's not the end of the world. In the end you need to ask yourself do you want Naughty Dog to rush their titles and give you a game like Street Fighter V where you pay full price for a fraction of a game or do you want to spend 60 bucks and have your money's worth day 1, full experience, nothing locked to the online (save for the multiplayer but that's obvious)? They can take all the time they need to make the game the game they want to deliver and the time to meet production demands. It has nothing to do with higher more people to do the job. You mention Fallout 4 but Fallout 4 had been in development for 5 years before it was announced. Uncharted 3 has at least 3 years on it and when the release was coming up they felt it wasn't ready. Do you want broken and unfinished or do you want a complete game? You can't have both and I bet you aren't happy when a game comes out broken, unfinished, and with chunks of the game missing.

Utalkin2me1374d ago


Really care to show all the times ND gave a date and didn't met the required date. I mean being that you know so much. Im all for a game being delayed if its in the best interest for the consumer. Im assuming you would rather have a faulty product put out on time then a polished one at a few weeks later.

KwietStorm1374d ago

So are you going to list the other countless games over the years that were delayed, or does this only indicate some phantom workforce trouble at Sony? Lmao

BigLurch1374d ago

Delay after delay spells troubled development.

DragonDDark1374d ago

Not really.. Witcher 3 for example.

DonkeyWalrus1374d ago

Not always. Don't quote me on this because I don't remember for sure but wasn't Witcher 3 delayed also? Basically what I mean is that sometimes delaying a game means that the game will actually be finished when it comes out.

I don't even own a PS4 yet, I'm mainly am Xbox guy, but I was a fan of the Uncharted series last gen. Too many games release nowadays unfinished and lacking content, so if they have to delay the game a few times in order to release a finished product then that wouldn't bother me at all. Better than getting a rushed and unfinished game a few weeks or months earlier.

Look at Halo 5 for example, and I'm a huge Halo fanboy, but that game was not finished when it came out. So much was missing compared to the content available at launch with past Halo releases. Only a few playlists, hardly any maps, a lot of game modes cut out, no forge mode, etc. At least they are adding this stuff to the game over time for free, but I think in that case I would've preferred a delayed release with all that content available when the game came out.

So basically delays aren't always a bad thing is what I'm getting at here.

MrBeatdown1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Yeah, that's it.

We all know game development is an exact science.

Any developer can easily calculate exactly how many man hours are needed to develop a game months or years from release.

Get your **** together Sony. Take notes from giant dev teams like Ubisoft's. AC Unity shipped on time! More people is the answer.

Clogmaster1374d ago

Fallout has its own issues and bugs.

Street Fighter V launched too early, or Uncharted is not meeting the launch. Which is it going to be?

sactownlawyer9161374d ago

The Last of Us was delayed as well. Look how that turned out.

joab7771373d ago

We bitch when Driveclub and SF5 are pushed out. We bitch when Unity and others are broken. A company that has given us multiple GotY IPs wants a few extra months after suffering a breakup of sorts, in order to get their swan song just right, and we bitch again.

At least many ppl in this case can understand why this is a good thing.

Is it always a good thing? No. It depends on the situation. But ND doesn't release annuals. They are like Bethesda and Rockstar and release games when they are ready.

And it absolutely doesn't mean that theu can't deliver. It means the opposite. It means ND has earned the right to decide when their game should be released.

miyamoto1370d ago (Edited 1370d ago )

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was delayed to by Shigeru Miyamoto and looks at the finished product. A timeless masterpiece.

Chrono Trigger was delayed and look at the final product.

The Last of Us too and look at the finished product. 200+ Perfect review scores

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killer8761374d ago

sony or ND can do no wrong and they are exempted from any kind of critism

- fanboy

mac_sparrow1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

You're right, this is much better...

Or this

Even this is preferable

If only a company had the balls to release a game that needed a huge patch on day one, then I could really appreciate the box art as I stared at it for hours.

Delays can be hard to take, but broken games suck worse.

DragonDDark1374d ago

I can't believe that you're getting disagrees for saying the truth.

Do people seriously think that they don't want to sell the game? Aren't Sony about "$$$" or so they say?

aRTCy1374d ago

Exactly!!...None of those games you pointed out are Sony Exclusives...

mac_sparrow1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Another example, for a more balanced view, and perhaps something that Sony are now constantly mindful of?

I'm in no way saying I think that this is the situation Uncharted is in, but I'm sure everyone at Sony wants to avoid these kinds of situations with any game going forward.

joab7771373d ago

Absolutely not true. They have definitely received their fair share. Remember the Amy Hennig debacle.

But this is an absurd statement because the game isn't even out yet. What if it earns GotY and it's amazing? Will we be criticizing them for a delay. And why did they delay anyway? Is it b/c they duped us with early promises, or did they have to scrap an entire story and start again basically with a new director?

wakeNbake1374d ago

I just find the whole "demand" excuse kind of silly.There are games that have sold exponentially more then Uncharted 4 will, like COD for example, and you never hear any issues about the supply.

OB1Biker1374d ago

I think a few games had issues with the supply not only special editions last year but I also remember it was not that easy for everyone to find a copy of Until Dawn for example and seems they didn't have enough copies.

wakeNbake1374d ago

Thats their fault for underestimating their own game.

Summons751374d ago

But Activision can easily look at sales and predict how many copies to anticipate and it doesn't move systems. Uncharted 4 is the first Uncharted game of this gen and a massive franchise to start so it's sure to move systems, you have a massive install base to begin with, you have the rise of digital which is naturally going to take away from physical sales. People should be happy they are taking the time to make sure the demand is met and no one will get shafted day 1 and that the game is so wildly anticipated that it even over took their expectations.

Sir_Simba1374d ago

I'm really happy that we all get the game on the same-day. ~Big fan of uncharted and I cannot wait to see drakes last adventure.

OB1Biker1374d ago

Same I live in the UK and tbh very happy about that

mac_sparrow1374d ago

Yeah, disappointed to have to wait longer, but with a worldwide release there's less chance of it getting spoilt for me.

Kurisu1374d ago

A delay won't stop the game from being one of my most anticipated launches of the year.

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