Unlocked 235: Phil Spencer Interview and Xbox Showcase Reactions - IGN

Phil Spencer stops by our Xbox show for a 15-minute interview. Plus: Xbox Showcase and Quantum Break reactions, Mass Effect 4's delay, and much more!

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FlexLuger2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

"We actually want your content to be able to stay with you."

I know. The fact that more and more of my X360 games show up in my 'ready to install' list is a testament to that

"backwards and forwards compatability when you think about innovation in the hardware space"

"decoupling the game from the hardware TO SOME EXTENT, allows the hardware to move WITHIN a generation"

Three things:

The next xbox is a thing...

Its going to be hardware...

Its going to be upgradable

"I dont think consoles should miss out on that"

I agree with that....

Your xbox games will be playable on your next xbox. and your PC. And your surface. thats awesome. Ill be buying the expensive GPU for my xbox. Lets be clear about that. I like the good stuff.

bleedsoe9mm2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

agreed , but i still haven't heard him say anything about upgradable hardware , just that hardware changes faster than it did , and he'd like to bring that to the console space .

slate912471d ago

That's the hilarious part about N4G the past few days lol. He really hasnt said anything about upgradable hardware coming to the xbox one. And yet the articles are pulling at the fanboy strings for hits, and they are eating it up quite well.

AngelicIceDiamond2471d ago

Right Phil never confirmed upgradeable hardware he was just talking in theory of a Xbox that can be upgradeable, just an idea from Phil.

Sparta072471d ago

@ Flex, I think every console from now on is going to be backward compatible.
All of that sounds nice! But can we just stop with the upgradable console talk till we see what they are actually going to do.

bleedsoe9mm2471d ago

i think the hope would be every console from now out would be BC/FC but i know the xb will be


Except the ps4 is not backwards compatible at all so all your ps3 games were a huge waste of money

TheCommentator2470d ago

Don't forget, Ares, Sony also REMOVED BC from PS3. I'm sure that they did that "for the players" though, right? O_o

Lenrulesdaworld2470d ago

DX12 eliminates that multiple iterations of games and devices. You think Phil just randomly and ms are randomly gonna talk on this with out understand the situation. Come on, lets let the engineers at ms do their thing. Everyone doubted BC, they doubted Cloud and now this. How many times can people be wrong

christocolus2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

Agreed Flex.They will keep shedding more light on this until E3. Now let's just wait and see what they have to say at GDC, Build and finally... E3. They will save the biggest info for E3 though. The IGN guy who previewed QB seems very very impressed. Can't wait.

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ShadowKnight2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

"You could sell 3 xboxs to the same person over the course of the gen" - Ryan

Does no one else see the actual problem with this. Convincing console people to buy 2-3 consoles over the course of a Gen. You might as well just get a gaming PC that would probably be the same price of 3 consoles over a course of a generation. Think about the budget gamer. Majority of people don't even upgrade their smart phone every year. They wait until their contract is over. Microsoft should just make a PC/Xbox hybrid system like steam machines. It would be easier to upgrade the GPU and memory and probably be cheaper instead of buying 3 consoles a gen if they really wanna go this route. Or they can use an external GPU if it actually works right but I suggest Microsoft make an exclusive deal with AMD because the competitor's will probably follow the same direction in getting the external GPUs to work on their systems too.

riverstars862471d ago

But no one is required to upgrade their Xbox. It's an option.

ShadowKnight2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

PC is an option to. So are you saying it's only for the gamer's that have money to keep upgrading their Xbox? That sucks for the gamer's that can't afford to upgrade. They're going to be missing out on better graphics, 120 fps, and a few new features. Might as well just get a PC and they won't have to worry about upgrading their Xbox every 3 years. It would be cheaper to upgrade your GPU and memory in your PC since Microsoft wants Xbox/PC (Windows 10) integration.

riverstars862471d ago

PC has always been an option. Console gamers are not all a sudden going to flock to PC because of this news.

Also, why would it suck for gamers who can't upgrade? The games are still going to be compatible on the older models. I think you are thinking glass half empty on this one.

ShadowKnight2471d ago

What's the reason to upgrade then?

riverstars862471d ago

For gamers who don't want to wait 8 years for a new console. We don't know what their plan is, but I highly doubt we are going to see yearly upgrades. Possibly every 3 years. At this point, it is just an option, there is nothing being forced on the consumer.

darthv722470d ago

How many people own more than one variation of a system within a given generation? Personally i have 3 360's in different rooms and 2 PS3's in different rooms.

I remember when the slims came out how people on here said they would buy another one to replace or put in another room. So for a person to buy more than one is quite possible. Especially if each version is an improvement over the previous one.

MachuchalBrotha3162470d ago

Very true. This is no different than getting a new Ipad, tablets or a new smartphones, pc hardware is always changing as well. Whats all the commotion with a console. I mean consumers usually have options on price/performance on various products.

AngelicIceDiamond2471d ago

Different story elements branches in QB I like these sorta games I wonder how long the game is?