No Man's Sky's AAA price point isn't as crazy as it seems

Indie games don't have to be locked into being cheap. The recent surge of indie games did not only bring great, unique experiences to the players but apparently it brought us this notion that all indie games are/should be priced at/lower than $20. But what gamers are starting to understand is that not every indie game will be on the cheap, you will sometimes come around to one of the big indie titles like the recently rumored $60 No Man's Sky or Jonathan Blow's latest game The Witness which was priced at $40.

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Dabigsiebowski1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

I woke up and saw all the articles flourishing at once for this game . Release dates, new info, new gameplay but in the back of my mind when I didn't see the price I knew it was going to be full retail..
Which is fine if the can land some great mechanics stacked with purpose outside of just exploring.

@Ron- Indie is a great term as it usually means "hey we put passion into a project we believed in without the constraints of a publisher". With all the milkage publishers seem to do these days, it's really been the indie scene thats helping shape the industry back to where it needs to be.

Ron_Danger1374d ago

I'm fully aware of what indie means. I was directing it more at the people on this site that were attacking NMS for being a $60 indie game without knowing any info on it. The people attacking the price point are the same people who are ok with buying partial games like Battlefront for $60 then dropping additional money for extra content that should've been in the full game to begin with.

cleft51374d ago

I am about to pay $60 for The Division, which probably doesnt even have 1/20th of the content in No Man's Sky, so yeah I will pay $60 for this game no problem.

Indie doesn't mean low quality. I have put hundreds of hours into Binding of Issac, but I wouldnt pay $60 for it because the presentation of that content isn't worth it. However, the presentation of No Man's Sky content and the amount of it clearly marks it a full price game. I never once thought it would be less than $60.

Some games are worth paying more and No Man's Sky looks like it is one of them. Only time will tell if that is true or not.

sonarus1374d ago

I'm sorry i didnt know 60 bucks was reserved for triple A i know a bunch of weak and games that werent anywhere near triple A status that still sold for that price.

That being said i LOVE the concept of this game too much. I made the decision to buy this long ago. Will do digital preorder right now

Ron_Danger1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

After all these previews have been revealing even more content to what we already knew, that $60 price tag looks even more reasonable. The stigma of being labeled "indie" really needs to go away since this indie game (and others like The Witness) are ending up bigger than some AAA titles.

ziggurcat1374d ago

I'm not personally interested in this game, but I don't think anyone can make the $ amount vs amount of gameplay argument on this one. The sheer amount of gameplay possibilities are on par or greater than even games like The Witcher 3, and Fallout 4.

Rookie_Monster1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

If it has great mod support from the PC community, I'll gladly pay $60 for it. The mod creations will keep this game lasting infinitely longer just like GTA and Fallout. Probably won't get it at launch but wait a bit when the price is on sale and some mods are created first.

Goldby1374d ago

Its procedural, you wont need mods, and its online so mods probably wont be supported

Rookie_Monster1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Seam Murray already confirmed there will be mod tools available on PC. I will be for single player offline mode

No Man’s Sky Can Be Played Offline If You Want To

or private server of course because the mltiplayer universe is based on procedural.

So yes, Mods will be happening on the PC version of No Man's Sky.

Goldby1374d ago

well thats nice news. forgot about the offline play option. i hope the modder keep it lore friendly aka no death stars and stuff, or if they do, make it lore friendly

Aenea1374d ago

Where did he confirm mod tools?

Then it would indeed be possible to change up lots, depending on the tools provided of course...

KwietStorm1374d ago

Why is it crazy at all? Why can't a game from an independent developer have a "AAA" price? Whatever the hell that means. And let's not sit here and argue content or how good a game may or may not be. There are countless games from bigger studios that all have the same price tag, but aren't worth it. Give then a chance.

SlightlyRetarted1374d ago

Yeah, i think gaming pricing in general should be more flexible. Some people seem to have a mind set that anything less than full price is a lesser game, or there is something wrong with it and indie games can't be "full" priced etc.
I think "indie" is more of a genre these day, than a 10-20 dollar, few hours long game made by a small team. What they used to be. But things have changed.

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The story is too old to be commented.