Ubisoft Details The Division Post-Release Plans

Today, Ubisoft revealed the post-release plans for Tom Clancy’s the Division. This evolving online open world RPG will keep players engaged with on-going content that will build on the experience within the game long after release.

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crazychris41241373d ago

Last stand sounds like its zombies, aliens, robots or something like that.

dead_pixels1373d ago

Yeah, I can totally get behind that.

cleft51373d ago

Sounds like some good content is in the pipeline and I guess Incursion is their version of Raids. Alright, I am all in. I am just going to pay a $100 and make this mistake. What the hell, I made the Destiny mistake so why not this one.

rdgneoz31373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

From the trailer, they mention "build up your defenses to help you hold the line." Sounds like you're getting pitted against waves of mobs and you can build up defenses (they show a turret at 1:23) in between. My thoughts went to COD survival modes, where you can go solo or up to 4 people and see how long you'll last.

Overall, the first 2 free DLC are nice additions. At the end when they go over content that'll be coming, they mention "challenge mode" which could be interesting.

TwoForce1373d ago

It's like the last stand will let you fight bunch of factions.

crazychris41241373d ago

That makes more sense. I can't see the trailer yet because I don't want to use data.

REDGUM1373d ago

SThe Season pass sounds good (I ordered it some time ago) the additional content items/ maps are different from one another games which is good unlike say a battlefield or COD (usually just new maps) & no, that's not a complaint. This just seems like a fresh approach. One thing that is a little worrying though, I hope it's not just going to be a year (which they mentioned a couple of times) of expansions and then left in the dark!

1373d ago
Koopdogg1373d ago

28 days style rage virus would be awesome :P

TwoForce1373d ago

If you look closely the trailer, the last stand dlc only let you fight bunch of enemy factions. It's kinda like a horde from Gears of war, mass effect 3 survival mode and COD MW 3 survival mode.

aconnellan1373d ago

It looks like it's something like that, but they mentioned somewhere there wouldn't be zombies.

That said, the environment is ripe for it

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derkasan1373d ago

Good to see Ubisoft plan out this games' future.

tamriilin1373d ago

Fingers crossed that this game is good and has substantive pve content.

Kane221373d ago

i fear that pve is gonna be just like destiny's pve. when it will come after the pvp (darkzone) stuff...i also fear that darkzone will get the most attention. even though not everyone cares for it...

whitesoxfalife19761373d ago

it go down in the go down go down

Dissidia1373d ago

It go down in the DZ. It go down in the DZ, it go go ...down

extract me that LOOT


whitesoxfalife19761372d ago

exactly!!!! see somebody got it finally lmao.....


Loot trading already makes this better than Destiny.

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The story is too old to be commented.