Dead Island Definitive Collection Gets First Ghastly Batch Of Screens

Deep Silver has now released a fresh batch of screenshots showcasing the overhauled versions of Dead Island and Dead Island riptide, along with the sidescrolling side-scrolling/endless runner action game Dead Island Retro Revenge.

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derkasan1379d ago

I never played any of the games before, so this looks like a good place to start.

dead_pixels1379d ago

Absolutely. The visuals look really cleaned up. I'm looking forward to spilling some blood on the sand this summer.

WeAreLegion1379d ago

That does look much better, but I want to see it in action. Even the PC versions of the first two games look pretty bad.

Dragonking0071379d ago

This bothers me a lot that pc version supposed to be the definitive no matter what system you got there will always end close to the same as the console version:/ i only make exception with certain titles

Hoffmann1379d ago

Nice, never played a Dead Island game as well. Might get this port.

OldGuyStillGaming1379d ago

A lot of fetch quests but it's a fun slasher game.
It also Has great weapon mods in both games that will keep you on the hunt for more weapon blueprints

I'm glad it's only $40
I'll gladly give it a go again

smolinsk1379d ago

wow nice, loved dead island

OutcastMosquito1379d ago

I couldn't for the life of me play this on past gen consoles because of the disgusting screen tearing and framerate stutters. Mix that with the bad resolution and there you have a great game clouded by technical limitations. I will definitely love to play this.

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