No Man's Sky Pre-orders Now Live on PS4 and PC

Hello Games:
Since E3 last year, we’ve been a little quiet on showing No Man’s Sky. There’s a good reason for that – behind the scenes the team has been very hard at work at making the game as good as it can be as we come towards the end of development. Needless to say there’s been a lot of late nights at the Hello Games office!

Though June is not too far away, we felt it was super important to show everyone a little more on what’s to come before release.

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Neonridr1376d ago

nice little package there..

thekhurg1375d ago

$20 too expensive though

KwietStorm1375d ago

Can you tell us what the endgame was like?

Mr-Dude1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

@ thekburg
Why? Because they are indie? They worked years on this game. You are going to pay 60 bucks for the Division. A big chunk of money I scratch my head for. And reading the comments on reddit, neogaf and here, I am not the only one.

But nobody questions that because it's "AAA"
So stop with this No Man Sky is expensive crap.

lvl_headed_gmr1375d ago


Elite Dangerous is an indie and with a 1:1 ratio of the Milky Way. Its only $35.

Soon the Horizons expansion will release which will make the game even bigger allowing for planetary exploration.

So comparing apples to apples, No Mans Sky is clearly over priced.

thekhurg1375d ago


Don't know what "endgame" is like. But what they have shown us is the same gameplay over and over again in different locations.

They haven't shown anything new or unique.

You blast off to space, go to a planet, click on things, shoot things, name things, rinse and repeat. You upgrade your suit to do the same thing on other planets.

To me, that's not a $59.99 game. If there's a lot more stuff to do, then it's their fault for being so hyper secretive about what they're making. But I'm not going to gamble $60 on a game from a developer that has literally made nothing that proves they're worth gambling on.

One-Shot1375d ago

Um have you not read all he new previews that explain the things you will be doing? This is packed more than a lot of other $60 games.

Mr-Dude1374d ago

Well, I could spend hours debating this topic with you. People will like this, people don't. The same goes for The Division ( good example) because the only thing you do there is shoot 2 whole clips in bulletsponges, run to this point, shoot this again,run to that, and repeat. Nothing really to see besides snow and bodybags, some nice lighting and a lot of cars. I believe the darkzone will be fun, but for how long? There is no clear interaction with the world, and what is the endgame of the division? Running around shooting dudes and extracting gear al the time? Sounds boring after a while...

You clearly don't like NMS and that is fine, so stop complaining, because like you said you Aren't going to take the gamble.

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lvl_headed_gmr1375d ago

No Mans Sky is too expensive.

Elite Dangerous is not only a bigger game its cheaper.

It's only $35 and is a 1:1 ratio of the Milky Way.
When the Horizon expansion launches it will have planetary exploration as well.

No Mans Sky is just too expensive when compared to other indie games that are bigger like Elite Dangerous.

I will pick it up when it comes down to a more reasonable price. I'm not letting Sony screw me over on this price.

jb2271375d ago

How is a set 1:1 ratio of the Milky Way bigger than a game w/ procedurally generated virtually limitless content? Also, how much does the Horizon expansion cost because NMS ships w/ full planetary exploration. Beyond all that we don't know the quality of NMS yet but we know that Elite may have its fans but the general consensus on that game was that it was lackluster & forgettable. Can't really compare the two directly 1:1 yet. Might wanna wait until NMS releases before calling it too expensive.

iceman061375d ago

How is a galaxy bigger than an entire universe? I understand that you may like one more than another (even though NMS hasn't released). But, it stands to reason that 18 quintillion possible planets kinda beats our galaxy in terms of content ratios.

SniperControl1375d ago

Er, ED may be £25 now, but during production and when it released on PC it was priced at £40, it was £50 if you wanted early beta access, the Horizon expansion cost me a further £35, which added planetary landings and a buggy.

How is NMS to expensive?

Aenea1375d ago

Ahh, the Milky Way has about 100 billion planets, NMS has 180 million times that, so a fair price would be $35 x 180 million??

Mr-Dude1374d ago

I didn't play ED, so can't really judge about it... But a universe sound cooler then a star system

PurpHerbison1374d ago

This whole "procedural generation" thing is getting annoying. That doesn't necessarily mean the game is bigger or greater.

Liqu1d1374d ago

"I'm not letting Sony screw me over this price"

Sony have nothing to do with the price. Hello Games set the price and they are self publishing.

-Gespenst-1374d ago

Is No Man's Sky much bigger than Elite Dangerous? Seems to me that a 1:1 scale Milky Way is probably only a little bit smaller than the universe in No Man's Sky. No Man's Sky doesn't have a 1:1 scale version of the universe does it? The planets certainly aren't real scale, nor are the distances between them. They look big, but as you're entering their atmosphere it quickly becomes apparent that they're pretty small - you can see individual trees from way too high up for the planets to be actually "planet sized".

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VforVideogames1375d ago

Whats the difference when the game is announce for windows or pc? doesn't pc's run windows?

Aenea1375d ago

Not all PCs run windows, some run Linux, BSD, OSX, etc.

Griever1375d ago

Windows is just one of several operating systems available although it is the most popular. A game released for Windows will run on a PC with Windows installed but will not run on a computer with Linux or Apple OSX installed.

wannabe gamer1374d ago

nowdays when you hear a game released for "windows" it usually means that microsoft published it and is locking it to their store where no one else can buy it without going thru them.

when you hear released for "PC" it usually in todays world means you can buy it from many outlets such as steam, uplay, origin, gog or some other sources and it isnt just locked to microsofts storefront.

this isnt what these things have always meant...but in todays world of Microsoft PR spin and general asshattery this is what these terms have come to mean

VforVideogames1374d ago

Believe it or not I didn't know that, I've always been a console guy whit open mind.

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neutralgamer19921375d ago

if it delivers than day one buy. some of you crying about price point should not buy yearly releases of same gameplay/features

why is it that if a game is indie it can't be full price?

so a game like farcry primal which is basically a farcry 4 expansion can charge full price

destiny the taken king expansion cost?

many of you are about to buy a destiny waana be the division and that's fine because in your minds that AAA

the mindset has to change

fattyuk1374d ago

"so a game like farcry primal which is basically a farcry 4 expansion can charge full price"

All ubisoft games these days are just reskins reusing assets etc, look at primal having the actualy same map as fc4!

But no, people complain about a game that has been built from the ground up from a team of 10 people (ithink) asking for $60

so many self entitled gamers! when will they learn the price of video games have never gone up in 20 years! yet the price of prudction has.

inflation, google it.

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DragonDDark1376d ago

No VR support though.. Hmm..

isarai1376d ago

They've expressed great interest in it, doubt it's something they can't add later

UltraNova1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

If it should happen, and it will, it will be announced at E3 2016 alongside(even opening the stage)PSVR's release date and price announcement.

My guess is that the full price will be attributed to VR integration and that all PS4 gamers who bought or will buy the game will be VR ready if they choose to purchase PSVR.

Well at least I wish it goes like that... 3 months to go!

Perjoss1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

"If it should happen, and it will, it will be announced at E3 2016 alongside(even opening the stage)PSVR's release date and price announcement."

That would be a real crowd-pleaser, maybe not as much screaming as the FFVII remake madness but it will probably be close, I really love those moments at the games shows. There's nothing quite like hearing a huge crowd of people getting excited for something within your favorite passtime.

edit: I meant to say FFVII remake not remaster.

WickedLester1375d ago

I fully expect that to be one of the big announcements at the PSVR event this month.

Hairy Chewie1375d ago

Release date is a week after E3. I have a feeling Sony will announce VR support at their conference right before release.

Aenea1375d ago

Yep, this, oh so much!

Am kinda fantasising they will show NMS with VR and say:
PSVR releases on June 21/22 alongside NMS (or with, tho I would be bummed since I want the collector's edition of NMS!)

Silver_Faux1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

If NMS isn't available for PSVR day one, Sony have missed a huge opportunity IMO. Nethertheless, I have had a wad of cash awaiting both to arrive as I have been waiting for something like this to come out like this my whole life.

This is the game you'll want to show to your friends and family in VR. I personally can't wait to show my dad who is a huge SCI FI buff and let him travel in space and too distant planets. It's gonna be magical!

Aenea1375d ago

Didn't Sean reply "I can't say more about the subject..."

I expect a VR announcement for NMS at E3...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1375d ago

on pc that is for sure. Google cardboard works well for pc games lol

Just use Trinus vr.

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isarai1376d ago

I know for some this seems overpriced, but just based on what i've gathered from what has been revealed so far i'm so getting the special edition day 1

Thatguy-3101376d ago

No collectors edition for ps4? Lame

DragonDDark1376d ago

Yeah, seems like a wasted opportunity...

-Foxtrot1376d ago

I would have preferred a full on collectors edition but I'm glad they got a limited edition at least

-Foxtrot1376d ago

Actually wait...I've just saw the collectors edition for the PC.

What the hell. I understand if they didn't do one at all but to do one and not give the PS4 it's own version just a dumbed down limited edition

Now I know what you mistake.

Thatguy-3101376d ago

Exactly that's what I said haha I had seen the pc one already. Don't see why not release a similar batch on the ps4 side. Pretty dumb if you ask me

-Foxtrot1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

To be honest, looking at both of them I feel like they've split the collectors edition up

The PS4 gets

An artbook
A Steelbook
A comic

The PC gets

A Ship figure
An Atlas pin

You have to admit that looks like they've just taken the collectors edition for both of them and split them up.

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-Foxtrot1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )


Only nitpick is the design on the package would have a great Steelbook instead of boring silver. Wish they'd put more effort into it

Nivekki1374d ago

'Only nitpick'

No, you've already nitpicked more than once.