No Man’s Sky: A Universe Filled with Lore and Language

Posted by Fred Dutton on Mar 03, 2016 // SCEE Blog Manager

With a near-infinite universe to explore, upcoming PS4 sci-fi epic No Man’s Sky is promising adventure without compare. However, think of any great space saga, and it’s at least partially defined by its cast of characters. With an intergalactic sandbox made up of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 unique planets, how on Earth is developer Hello Games planning to fill all those worlds with consistent story, dialogue, lore, and language?

Well, as has generally proven the case when it comes to all things No Man’s Sky, it turns out the answer is pretty remarkable. Last week, I stopped by Hello’s compact Guildford HQ to find out more.

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the_dark_one1376d ago

“We’re not trying to build something that people will go out and try to speak in the real world, like how I learned Klingon when I was a kid because I thought it would be a great ice-breaker. Turned out not to be the case!"
LOL that was fun
nice to hear new thing about this game, it looks to me, like it could be one of the best of this gen

Lore1376d ago

That spot is reserved for Horizon.

Aenea1376d ago

"ONE of the best"...

Means there are more spots :)

the_dark_one1376d ago

Ooooooohhhhhh that game....... It looks just like pure briliance cant wait (but have to :-( ), i know that some people may not like it but i hope they keep that option where Aloy is doing certain actions ingameplay and she talk, like when was finishing off that dino-robot and she say "time to shut you down" abd that kinda stuff

Lore1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

Sony will literally be throwing money away if they don't bundle this with psvr at launch

Aenea1376d ago

Am kinda hoping that at E3 they will say:
"... and PSVR releases next week for the price of <insert affordable price> and comes bundled with No Man's Sky!"