No Man’s Sky PS4 Hands-On: The Real Game Begins to Reveal Itself | IGN

I’m not sure I’ve ever wanted a game to live up to its potential as much as No Man’s Sky. It has ignited my imagination with the promise of limitless galactic exploration for years now. Could the math that powers this universe also make it interesting? Would trading, space combat, and alien interaction be meaningful?

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Neonridr1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

can't wait to see more of this game.

Wallstreet371376d ago

Damn it! Sounds good and im glad he got to preview it longer. I can see ppl literally spending hundreds of hours on this game monthly.

Davi1231376d ago

This game, like the Dreams game have the pontencial to sell millions easily, with the right marketing for the casual gamers!

BlakHavoc1376d ago

This games either gonna be really addicting, or really boring.

medman1376d ago

It's going to be really addicting for me, as I love exploring and this game has an endless amount of "I wonder what's over that hill, or I wonder what's in the cave, or under the water" moments.

Corgyll1376d ago

I'm with you there, but imagine if there's nothing in those caves.

That's my fear.

medman1375d ago

Of course some of the game will be a bit tedious considering the size and scale, but the point is there is the excitement of discovery that keeps you going...the anticipation of finding amazing new animals, beautiful new vistas, and things you never imagined you would see, knowing that no one else on the planet may ever see what you just witnessed. I think it's brilliant.

iceman061376d ago

It will be both...but to different people.

WellyUK1375d ago

It will be a love or hate game I reckon.

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The story is too old to be commented.