Is the Age of the Console Generation Over?

Xbox boss Phil Spencer hints that Microsoft may be adopting an upgradable console paradigm in the future. Does this mark the first steps towards a type of gaming singularity of some kind?

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ArchangelMike1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

It's more like - the age of Microsoft's traditional console cycles is soon to be over. Sony and Nintendo still got BIG plans for their 'traditional' consoles. It's only Microsoft that are getting cold feet, Sony on the other hand are loving it right now!

BadBoyC1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Yea if Microsoft goes through with this upgradable hardware plan then there would be no need to come out with another Xbox console since you can just upgrade the Xbox you have. Upgradable hardware would essentially kill the traditional 5 - 7 year console lifecycle and if this happens then I won't even look at the Xbox or the brand as a console anymore. Xbox will just be a mini PC to me.

Heres what I think Microsoft is trying to do; Microsoft has a monopoly in the PC market but they obviously don't have a monopoly in the console market so Microsoft is trying to turn consoles into PC's so they can take the monopoly that they have in the PC space and bring it over to the console space. Microsoft can't win in the console space so they instead plan bring the PC space over to the console space and destroy the console space by turning consoles into PC's. Just my opinion..

Dragonking0071373d ago

Or it may turn into cellphone upgrade system where new updated hardware would be released every year

Retroman1373d ago

That would be disastrous for MS , gamers want consoles not wanna-bee pc/consoles,
MS would financial hurt themselves in the long run. some ideals should stay on the drawing board.

I_am_Batman1373d ago

Well we don't really know what plans Nintendo has yet. It's safe to assume that Sony will continue to do what they do right now as they are very successful with it. I wonder if Microsoft's shift of focus will make space for a new competitor. It's been almost 15 years with Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft in the competition.

Tsunade1373d ago

I think that with Microsoft leaving the console market with their xbox PC, is a great opportunity for another player to enter the console market. It could be Google, Amazon or even Apple.

FATAL1TY1373d ago

Flawless victory for Sony

R.I.P xbone

Aloy-Boyfriend1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

That has always been my combo, so I'm fine with that.

Hopefully they don't go with this upgrade BS thing. Gimme a powerful future proof console day 1 capable of delivering technical marvels like TLOU, Uncharted 3, Beyond Two souls, and GoW Ascencion 6-8 years after release.

badz1491373d ago

Again with generalizing MS plan as it's the whole CONSOLE thing. It's NOT, get over it!

MS has never been the market leader in this industry to allow them to dictate what is going to happen to it! They can do what they want with their brand but saying consoles are over because of it is just wrong on so many levels!

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Corpser1374d ago

Ms going with the phone/tablet model, Sony going with ps now streaming, so yeah

DragonDDark1374d ago

Ps now streaming? What? That's not even worldwide lol

Corpser1374d ago

I'm not saying either will happen today, it's going forward

2pacalypsenow1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

If Sony goes with a streaming only service then that will be the day I go 100% PC

FlexLuger1373d ago

Well then, you had better start saving up for that rig. Because sony's future is in streaming.

Aloy-Boyfriend1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

There's no indication Sony is going full streaming. PS now will always be a streaming service. Unless streaming becomes a new optional format for games, they won't go full streaming. That'd be horrible

2pacalypsenow1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

@FlexLuger I already have one

@XiKurapikaKurta I hope you're right.

SpinalRemains1381373d ago

PS Now is badass. I used it for the first time last week to play Capcom Classics. It worked perfectly fine with no lag that I noticed. Just like I was playing off a disc.

Nothing wrong with the rental option on PS Now. It's an option though.

iceman061373d ago

The way I see it, PSNow is Sony's ticket to diversifying and expanding their brand (much like MS and their expansion of Windows 10). Eventually, Sony wants to have PSNow available for tablets, set top boxes, and smart tv's. I don't think that necessarily points toward an all streaming future and, if so, it won't be until internet infrastructure catches up.

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Christopher1373d ago

Okay, the hyperbole is hitting maximum.

Look, things are changing. But, that doesn't mean the console generation is over. There is a ton of stuff we all want answered, but let's not cite the generation as being over before we hear more details.

I_am_Batman1373d ago

I agree. I admit I'm a little confused on what role the Xbox One will take but I'm sure MS will clear things up soon.

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rainslacker1373d ago

Are you seriously preaching prudence in forming an opinion?

Hyperbole is a way of life around here...despite the fact I think half the people don't even know what the word means.:)

I think things are changing, but there are still things that have to remain the same. Console market is popular, and the reasons for that popularity can't go away, otherwise it changes too much, and likely will alienate everyone.

With that being said, I can agree 100% that people should probably wait for details before casting the "DOOM" rhetoric. At best right now, it's just something worth discussing on the hypothetical.

Silly gameAr1373d ago

I'm so tired of hearing about this. If that's what MS want to do, let them do what they want, but please stop with the end of consoles talk. MS doesn't have the pull like that.

SpinalRemains1381373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Well, its a scary thought because the market doesn't always dictate what direction something goes. Sometimes choices or features are removed when they're popular for whatever reason. (profit margins)

Most gamers love consoles, so whatever they decide is fine for their business model, but the industry as a whole going this route would suck. It's just something to keep an eye on.

Why wouldn't we discuss this, btw? This is a gaming news hub where we discuss games and news. This article encompasses both.

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