PlayStation 4 Trophies for Original Max Payne Surface on Exophase

Along with the possibility of Rise of the Kanai heading to PlayStation 4, it seems like the original Max Payne may be getting similar treatment. According to trophy-mining site Exophase, 12 trophies have been listed for Max Payne on PlayStation 4.

This listing comes hot on the heels of PlayStation pulling Max Payne from March 1st’s “New on PlayStation Store” post. So while it is not set in stone, the evidence seems to be lining up in favor of a PS2 re-release. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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wheresmymonkey1381d ago

Urgh.. the PS2 version of Max Payne was awful compared the PC one. If anything could do with a lovely new remake or a port of the PC version to consoles it's Max Payne.

Silly gameAr1381d ago

I still have this on PS2. Though I have fond memories of it, I don't see myself buying this one if it is re released on PS4.

AntsPai1381d ago

I can't believe there's no platinum for a game like this, what are the parameters for how many trophies you can have? It's odd that skyscrappers has a platinum but other games like this don't.

Sora781381d ago

Next step, alan wake remaster on PS4 with alan wake 2

jb2271381d ago

I wonder if that'd be possible? I know that Remedy owns the IP but can they re release Alan Wake on other platforms after it was an MS console exclusive? I know that Max Payne was ported to iOS and I'm pretty sure it had the Rockstar logo along w/ the Remedy one, so it was possible in that instance.

Either way I personally think Alan Wake 2 is a multiplat for sure, and most likely they'd have it be a soft reboot of the franchise where the last installment doesn't have much bearing on the new one.

Theparanerds1381d ago

I have this game on PS3. I'll have to rebuy it for $15 to play on PS4 (I don't care about trophies). No thank you.