No Man's Sky: Alien NPCs Detailed In New Hands-On - NowGamer

NowGamer: "We've played No Man's Sky, which means we've talked to aliens, learned languages from monoliths, fought space pirates and more. In the video below, we detail our experience playing the game, explaining some of the new features we've seen and what you can expect when No Man's Sky hits PS4."

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Wallstreet371373d ago

Im happy we are getting more fleshed out info from ppl who have actually had hands on with it. It sounds like its turning out to be a great exploration game with other elements to not make it boring and stagnant.

I wish it eventually had a database where gamers upload the planets they have actually visited and named and we could visit those places too. That would be dope.

WeAreLegion1373d ago

Good idea. Tell them on Twitter.

SlightlyRetarted1373d ago

Can't wait to see how "creative" people will be while naming planets :)

TylerMark1373d ago

That is actually exactly what the game does. On top of the exploration element, every new planet, species, plant, etc. you discover will be logged under your account and you will even have the option of naming your discoveries.

Wallstreet371373d ago

I know about the naming of your discoveries and those things but i havent once heard of a database being implemented to see and visit the worlds of others. Even of just friends would be cool with me. Everything in this game is bumping into planets by chance.

gangsta_red1373d ago

How many discoveries are going to be named after penises and vaginas I wonder?

-Gespenst-1373d ago

Well if there are alien races, they must have settlements right? We've yet to see any kind of built up areas. It'd be sort of lame if they just wandered around the planets.

gangsta_red1373d ago

That is what I am wondering. Will we see intelligent life, cities, villages, will we have to incorporate the prime directive?

iceman061373d ago

There was early talk about buildings, destroyed ships, and monoliths that represent where a race used to be. But, I hadn't seen anything on actual inhabited settlements outside of trading posts.

-Gespenst-1373d ago

Thinking about it, I bet the other races will be based on big ships in space, and you'll occasionally encounter them on the surfaces of planets doing various things. The game will be out very soon, and Hello Games have yet to show settlements of any kind. Somehow I don't think their procedural generation is powerful enough to generate big, complex cities.