Top 10 Tom Clancy Games

With Ubisoft now ready to unleash The Division in under a week, here is a look back at 10 classic games that hold the prestigious Tom Clancy name.

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Pogue19061380d ago

You Sir need to revisit "Ghost Recon Future Soldier". That game STILL holds up. When I describe the game to people I use two words, " The Truith". Its The Division with better gun play minus the open world. I just hope they don't wait until Wildlands release before making Future Soldier backwards compatible

angryraptor1380d ago

My thoughts exactly -how can you made a list of top ten Clancy games and not include 'Ghost Recon Future Soldier'. That game was amazing! Can't wait to see how 'Ghost Recon Wildlands' turns out.

Trilithon1380d ago

There's a problem with the Retinal scanner

InMyOpinion1380d ago

Personally I would put GRAW 1 & 2 much higher. Very hyped about Wildlands!

Silver_ShadoWolf1380d ago

What? The Division didn't make the list? What?

zerocarnage1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I'd of put rainbow Vegas as no1, then conviction then Tom Clancy end wars and black list in at 4th. because endwars was an amazing rts game it deserves 3rd spot it's a shame they have not made another.

Bet some of these games would look amazing completely 're done in the snow drop engine..