No pre-release reviews for The Division? No problem.

VideoGamer: "Why? Because the game will still exist if you don't buy it on the day of release."

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rdgneoz31372d ago

MMOs (which this is somewhat trying to be, what with lvl up, talents, crafting, instances, always online / servers) tend to get previews and never reviews before they come out as (gasp) the servers are not up. Queues for missions / raids / finding groups would take forever with no one actually on to join.

The DZ would feel dead with only 2 people (DZs will have a max of 24 people) since it's broken up in sections by your level (from previews, the range is like 4 levels) so you don't have a lvl 30 wonder into an area with lvl 10s and rape everyone.

Overall, there are no preorder bonuses really and no one is forcing anyone to buy it, so people can hold off and wait till those reviews come in if they want to. In general, MMOs never get reviews before they launch. They'd have to open the servers up for a couple of weeks before launch (not everyone power levels to cap in less than a day) so they could hit max level, try raids, and see all there is to offer.

1372d ago
Pastorfuzz1372d ago

I don't buy any game now until I see user reviews for it. I've been burned a few times buying day 1.
Aliens Colonial Marines comes to mind. At least the statue that came with it was alright