The Division: Here's Why It's Perfectly Fine to Have No Early Reviews

TCC: This time, we’re giving Ubisoft the green light for its inability to have early review copies

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DragonDDark1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

No, it's not fine. People want to know if the game is good or not..

ArchangelMike1375d ago

But the servers don't go live until the day the game launches. So how to you want them to review the game without any servers? Would it be a review that reflects the gaming experience? No. So would it be a valid review? No.

What's wrong with waiting a week after the game is released, and then reading the reviews when people have had proper hands on time with the retail version. Heck whats wrogn with waiting a month, when all the day one patches and early bug fixes have been implemented?

C-H-E-F1375d ago

Uhh there was an open beta... if they didn't try that out to get a feel for it then why should we cater to their laziness? lOl the Beta is a good enough "review" in my book. Definitely day 1 purchase "Physical Gold Edition" in my book.

Adexus1375d ago

There was a closed alpha, closed beta and an open beta, if people don't know whether or not they'll enjoy the game by now then I don't know what to say.

Silver_ShadoWolf1375d ago

Exactly. People had multiple chances to try the game before release. But what I am really concerned about is why do people need others to judge if the game is good or not? Can you not make a decision for yourself? Do they not realize that game reviews are completely one-sided and cater to like-minds instead of the majority?

I suggest people play video games for themselves. With the option to rent games, you should not need some lazy, no-life guy who is to pathetic to get up and get a real job to give you advice on anything. ANYTHING. Their career path shows how unreliable they are. SMH

Bebedora1375d ago

I like this a lot more. Maybe I will start believe in those reviews again.

How many times hasn't a demo/beta been out to try out a game, and the retail version is way off the mark? I have lost count.

People obviously have a short term memory.

pumpactionpimp1375d ago

The reason people want reviews is because of the taste destiny left in everyone's mouth. Sure everyone who was interested tried the beta, and know what the game is all about. But how much game is there? What else is there to do? What kind of high level/endgame content is there? Etc? I know I personally am looking for answers to those questions.

C-H-E-F1375d ago

Destiny was horrible in the Alpha bad in the Beta and ehh in the retail...

Why destiny always brought up when it comes to The Division? Like no there is no STANDARD with that game... that game isn't a standard... and as for the beta to a game... betas/demos whatever you would like to call them are not that different than the retail versions... reviewers, review the game and it's an OPINION... nothing more... if you need someones opinion to help you buy something you may/may not like after playing it first hand then maybe you shouldn't get it. Because you are already on edge. Is all i'm saying. if you need to be talked into it, then obviously you didn't like what you experienced so far from the beta.

pumpactionpimp1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Telling me how much content, and what is in a game, isn't opinion c-h-e-f. I don't buy a car, house, tv, or anything else before it's out, without knowing it's specs, and comparing it to the next closest thing. So why do it for a video game? The comparison to destiny was not a gameplay, or mechanics comparison. It was a comparison to how they chose to present their game. Hype it up, then release, and not allow reviews to sucker everyone in to buying day 1. I want to know if the division has a story. If it has enough gameplay (pve) to keep me interested for a while. I would also like to know if they just expect us to grind relentlessly (like destiny) as an end game mechanic, or if they have interesting stuff to do when you've completed the story.

These are not unreasonable things to ask. Especially when almost every game let's you know ahead of time what is in the game. A reviewers opinion isn't what I'm looking for out of the review, it never is. Since ubisoft won't tell us anything, the only option for me is to see what reviewers find.

I want to like this game, and I did enjoy the beta. But a new iP with little info on what there is to do, leaves me concerned. Especially when it comes from companies like ubi, ea, and activision.

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Killz4Twinkies1375d ago

Agree that it is not fine. I understand the logic with having no one in the servers and it makes sense, but Ubisoft has burned this bridge in the past with reviews they embargo til after launch...


Assassins Creed: Unity anyone??

LazyMinion1375d ago

They had plenty of chances to make there own opinion by playing the beta. And if not whats stopping them from waiting a few days.

Pongwater1375d ago

If they wanted to know if the game was good then they played the open beta. Waiting for reviews means they want to know if someone else thinks the game is good, which imo is very silly.

Any review done without full servers wouldn't be a real review.

kmeck5181375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Those people can wait until the game gets reviews and then buy it if they want.

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masterfox1375d ago

those morons at Ubisoft aren't confident that their game will do good, thats why there are no early reviews and I don't blame them, most of the people that played the beta including me already said the game is boring as hell!!

thrust1375d ago

Wow how much do you lie?

Pongwater1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

"most of the people that played the beta including me already said the game is boring as hell"

That's not what I'm seeing at all. Most people seem to have loved the game, judging only from online comments of course.

I know I loved it. After the beta I upgraded to a Gold edition. First time that's ever happened.

No game is for everyone.

zerocarnage1375d ago

What planet are you on. So over 6.4 million players said it was boring? Wrong most of those players will be buying the division. Why because they understood it was just a beta. It looked and felt absoloute wonderful. We got to see some of the features unlocked.

Now Ubisoft have detailed there plans for dlc and changes in clouding trading.

Ubisoft have worked closely with the community with the division and that's what counts, they're prepared to listen and take note, other publishers and developer s should do the same.

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--Onilink--1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Option 1:if you were planning on waiting for reviews, so shouldnt bother with Day 1 reviews either way, so just give it a week or so after launch and see proper reviews. In that case, it shouldnt affect you that they didnt give review copies.

Option 2:If you already preordered the game, then you dont care about reviews and made your decision already, so the lack of review copies is also irrelevant.

Chances are that if you fall into a middle point between those 2 statements, you would be the type of person that makes decisions based on very early reviews (usually from review events) and then is complaining that the game is not working like that on Day 1, or that the reviewer clearly didnt play the whole game... so i suggest moving over to Option 1 camp, the game wont dissapear because you started playing a few days after launch

Scatpants1375d ago

It's perfectly fine because I'm not planning to buy it.

thrust1375d ago

You missing out then!

Scatpants1375d ago

Meh, the beta was just OK. I could see myself getting sick of it relatively quickly.

Poroz1375d ago

I am not buying it either. Just not interested is all.

kingmushroom1375d ago

This game is gonna be great and i don't need some else's opinion

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