Hideo Kojima Isn't Done With Studio Tours: Visits PlatinumGames

Hideo Kojima has been visiting studios all over the world in search of new tech and inspiration for his own Kojima Productions, but he definitely isn’t ignoring Japanese developers.

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Abriael1373d ago

Unlikely, since Konami has the IP, but they might collaborate again in the future, who knows.

I mean, PlatinumGames collaborates with EVERYONE :D

DarkOcelet1373d ago

Kojima should go visit Shinji Mikami too :3

jeremyj29131373d ago

I really wish I could understand everyone's love for that game. I feel like I played it wrong or something.

Germany71373d ago

LOL, Hideki Kamiya is awesome too.

Pancit_Canton1373d ago

I guess phase 1 is complete. Picking the game engine.
Phase 2 is recuiting Japanese developers to join his rank.
Phase 3 is finally to start making games.

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The story is too old to be commented.