Just Cause 3 Gets It's First Content Pack on March 8th

Square Enix have today announced that Air, Land & Sea Season Pass holders for Just Cause 3 will be getting it's first contend pack, titled 'Sky Fortress' at the beginning of next week, with every one else later this month.

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starsi3601377d ago

Has the promised console patch hit yet? I stopped playing when I got to a mission that was so juddery, I literally got killed by frame rate issues (xbox one)

It's poorly optimised, there are other games that look much better and hold frame rate much better EG FarCry 4 and Primal etc

Null19801377d ago

That may be true, but neither Far Cry you just mentioned features the amount of destructability that Just Cause 3 does. You're comparing apples to oranges. I am really looking forward to the patch tomorrow though! Yea, it hasn't run well, but still has been completely playable for me and a hell of fun once you get really creative with your destruction.

starsi3601377d ago

Totally know where you are coming from with that - however when a ton of stuff is blowing up and bits flying everywhere it seems to hold up okay, its more when there are lots of enemy soldiers & AI involved that it nosedives.

But if they cant achieve smooth performance then maybe they should scale the ideas back a little...

I do find that games keep releasing with performance issues and then a couple of months down the line they get fixed/improve. It seems to be the norm now to rush the product out and fix it later.

Makes me wonder about the value in paying full price for a game on release day when I can buy it a couple of months later for (possibly) half the price and with improved performance.

AC Unity is a good case of that!

£40 for a buggy mess... or buy it 2 months later for £10-15 and it's a much better product to boot!

glaciergaming1377d ago

The press release states the patch is out tomorrow, the 4th of March, and promises to fix a number of issues related to performance.

Perjoss1377d ago

This one sure disappeared from the radar fast, you never hear anyone talking about it.

esmittystud1011377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Don't feel bad on Xbox One, I saw the biggest resolution glitch ever on PS4 for Just Cause 3. I was riding on top of a moving truck in a mission, it was a conjoy type mission. Every time I would look behind me. The screen ripped hard, when I mean hard I mean the rip took up 85% of my tv screen atleast. It would stop as soon as you would turn facing forward and was fine. Weird.

To be perfectly honost, the framrate/resolution problems doesn't bother me for this game. I can live with it, for that game. The game itself is a load of fun. I don't know why no ones talking about it though. Fun game. The way you travel in the game, not fast travel, but using the wingsuit/parachute/grapple is amazing expierence. It makes traveling in other open world games boring almost.

I'm glad there is an update though. Maybe they can stable things out a bit

MK24ever1377d ago

They need to fix the vehicles handling, the loading times need further improvement, the framerate can be so bad that it really gets in the way of having fun and many more stuff needs to be improved, I'm a huuuuuge Just Cause 2 fan and was really hyped for JC3, but JC3 became one of the biggest disappointments I ever had with a video game.

starsi3601377d ago

I agree.

Resolution in games I'm really not too fussed about. But frame rate is king. It really ruins the experience at times. There was a section where the controls were really unresponsive due to the slow down and I just kept getting knocked to the ground over and over again...