Remedy Has No DLC Plans But Plenty of Ideas For the Future of Quantum Break

Quantum Break won't have any DLC, Remedy's Thomas Puha confirmed, but the studio already has ideas for its future.

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DarkOcelet1378d ago

Hopefully the game sell well enough to warrant a sequel. We need more story driven AAA games.

Alexious1378d ago

Indeed. With the additional PC version there are far stronger chances of a sequel, I just hope they won't butcher it like Gears of War Ultimate though, that would not help sales.

BecauseImBatman1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I think DLC is very important for Single Player AAA games nowadays. The prospect of DLC stops people from trading in the game after completion. But maybe it won't matter, I hope the game does really well and we see Quantum Break become a franchise (and Alan Wake 2 for that matter, if there developing it).

Imp0ssibl31378d ago

A triple A game refusing to have DLC? Let me pinch myself!

odderz1378d ago

Good to hear! Fingers crossed that means the game is full-fat and focused. Still have pacing concerns but QB is fascinating.

Garethvk1378d ago

DLC is good as long as it increases the value of the game. I hate when it is done only for cash reasons.

DarkOcelet1378d ago

The Writer and The Signal dlc were amazing for Alan Wake so i expect Remedy to do a quality story dlc for the game.

TwoForce1378d ago

Don't forget about Left Behind and The Old Hunter dlc. These two were awesome SP single player. And Alan Wake American Nightmare was an awesome Standalone SP DLC.

TwoForce1378d ago

Mostly SP dlc, because that one don't get too much hate than MP dlc.

DevilishSix1378d ago

I wish they would make an Alan Wake 2. They left the main game proper on a cliff hanger with Alan confronting the Tornado of Evil. Would be nice to get some resolution on that.