Metroid Prime Federation Force Hate & Nintendo Localization Issues | PE Discussion

OJ from PlayerEssence discusses why Metroid Prime Federation Force is getting so much hate and how Nintendo's localization issues are becoming a bigger problem.

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miyamoto1669d ago

Nintendo had this anti consumer practices for a long long time since the Gamecube and especially on the Wii.

Metroid Federation Forces is just the out-of-the-closet-revelation for the blind die hards about this under powered over priced philosophy of Nintendo.

And on the localization stuff I thought the Super Robot Wars Original Generation English localization was awesome on the GBA. What went wrong after?
I consider it the peak of niche games localization then everything went downhill.

While on the other Japanese platform games the Japanese, Asian and Western version of their games are developed simultaneously thanks to their region free philosophy.

Nintendo you have billions of cash on your war chest yet you can not sell us a AAA Super Metroid HD shooter instead you give us a kiddie super deformed and I mean deformed game?

3-4-51669d ago

So many other fans get excited when getting different games within the series....Lots of Metroid fans seem to want one thing and one thing only.

You are getting a new Metroid're just getting this federation force game first.

wonderfulmonkeyman1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

After the disappointing reveal, I've been heavily skeptical of Federation Force.
I still think it was a mistake to relate it to the Prime series, in fact.

But being honest, now that I've given the shock of it time to wear off, I have this itching curiosity towards it.
A spin-off that explores the exploits of the Galactic Federation, which we know VERY VERY LITTLE ABOUT, could be a neat side story opportunity, if Nintendo does it right.
It could be especially cool if Samus shows up at certain points as some sort of combat back-up or as a guide to the Fed. troops [aka, us players], while we make our way through the various levels.

My main hope is that the game has a single player mode as well, though; it just wouldn't feel right without one.