Joystiq's Game of the Year - Gears of War

From "What the hell just happened? Did we honestly pick Gears of War as the best game of 2006? No, that can't be. The plan was to throw juvenile tantrums and to violently thrash against the machine! To blind the world with an elitist badge and proclaim an innate resistance against games that are both popular and heavily marketed! It's a shooter, for Allard's sake. You shoot things. With guns."

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Hey Zeus5251d ago

That was my game, me and Mvlean got to whoop some a*s, teach some respect to those thugs who tried to kill us!

Scrumptious5251d ago

For Gears of War. And once again, Resistance is not even a runner up! I thought all the Sony fanboys said Resistance was better in every way!

beans5251d ago

I can't speak for everybody but GOW in my opinion deserves to be given that award! Now Oblivion is also up there in my book but there's something about Gears that makes me feel so immersed it's just crazy! The music is by far the best I've ever heard and give's it this movie action feel and then the gameplay feels so right for this game as well! The story was a bit short but somehow still felt satisfying and online co-op the graphics and multiplayer never seem to get old to me!

PS360PCROCKS5251d ago

dude the game is amazing it feels like your in the middle of a action movie, this game is fantastic, and still leaves me in aww 2 months later