Japanese TV Meets Shuhei Yoshida, Thinks He's Just Some Guy

Recently in Tokyo, the mainstream Japanese media attended an exhibit about the history of video games and had no clue it was talking to one of the most well-known people in, well, gaming. D’oh!

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Bathyj1377d ago

He IS just some guy.

Some awesome, awesome guy...

DragoonsScaleLegends1377d ago

"The Sony exec seems to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing, changing his Twitter profile to read “50-something year-old man” and include a still from the show of him playing Space Invaders."

Shu you are so awesome! I wish he would produce another Legend of Dragoon.

KwietStorm1377d ago

lol reason #56 why everyone loves Shu

DivineAssault 1377d ago

This guy is humble and cool as hell.. Glad he knows how to have fun about stuff like this

Skate-AK1377d ago

I bet it was nice for a change. I can imagine a good amount of people that meet him for the first time lose their ish.