Games That Changed Our Lives #17: Theme Hospital

1990's classic simulation game Theme Hospital is held in high regard by many. Here's our tribute to this hilarious piece of gaming history.

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Kurisu2644d ago

I had hours of fun with this game back in the day! Bloaty Head, Slack Tongue, Invisible people all with walking sticks...ahh, the memories. The later levels were really tough, I didn't ever get around to completing it.

FlyingFoxy2644d ago

I never got that far either, i found it quite a lot more difficult than Theme Park, which is odd considering it was made by the same people. This was a game i got with my first PC that came bundled with some others like PGA tour golf, need for speed 2 and fifa 98 in a big fat jewel case.

MRMagoo1232644d ago

Yup such a fun game and the treatments were hilarious bloat head pop their heads then pump it back up lol. Such memories 😊