Xbox One: Microsoft’s talk of hardware upgrades sounds like hot air

You’ve just got the Xbox One on the right track, Microsoft. Don’t go chasing ill-thought-out ideas, says Matt Martin. “Adding multiple hardware configurations causes headaches for developers, confusion at retail and disappointment for players.”

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Volkama1379d ago

"On the right track"? What's the point of staying on the same track as Sony when Microsoft are 3 laps behind?

Fishy Fingers1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Same reason we all question why Sony continue to make mobile phones, TVs, Cameras, laptops, tablets, the Vita etc when they're being outsold by other company's. It's like operating a profitable company is more important to them than sales figure bragging rights. I'll never understand business...

Volkama1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

True enough. Sony's position shouldn't really figure into it as directly as I implied.

But from my perspective as a consumer it'd be more interesting to see what happens if Microsoft try a different track, as Sony already have that one covered.

I'm not a console war kinda guy, and don't much care for championing sales. I can see how the comment might be interpreted such though!

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BossBattle1379d ago

Does an upgradeable pc confuse developers? No it doesn't. It can be done just like on pc where you choose quality settings that go all the way up to ultra. Many games are developed on pc anyway then optimized you run on your consoles. So it could work. And for those saying they would just buy a PC instead of an upgradeable console, yeah right. Go ahead because you're still putting money in Microsoft's pocket. Not everyone can afford a powerful pc or wants a whole pc under their entertainment center. It should just be an option. Instead of finding all and any excuses why it wouldn't work try looking at the positives of it. I myself want that option. I don't want to be stuck with the same fixed console for 10 years.

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TheUndertaker851379d ago

Multiple PC configurations do confuse developers. That's why most find a common point for specs.

Smaller PCs will never be able to play those games accordingly.
Larger PCs will most likely never use their full potential.

BoWing1379d ago

The technology is already here: Dynamic resolution. See Halo 5 reviews. The supporting technology is here: downloadable games. See pre-release downloadable game prior to release date.

What does this mean? You buy a current XB1 ver1.0 (720p,900p, or 1080p resolution depending on the game), or XB1 ver1.5 (CONSTANT 1080p) or XB1 ver2.0 (CONSTANT 4K resolution at 30 or 60 FPS). All three versions can play the same game on XBOX Live at different resolutions. When you download a game from MS servers it detects which console version and only assets at that resolution are downloaded, so you get a 20 GB version for 720p-900p, 50 GB version for 1080p and say 200 GB version for 4K resolution.

But, here's the kicker ver1.0 priced at $250, ver1.5 priced at $400, and ver2.0 priced at $900. You give the consumer the choice. Same analogy with iPhone 4, 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7, etc. 4s are cheap and the latest and greatest $$$. Let consumer decide what they can afford. At he end of the day more choices, more $$$, more GAMES!!! Who wants more games?

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rainslacker1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I can see you've never worked in, or read about the PC testing labs for PC versions of games. It is quite the ordeal to test for different configurations. My first internship in the industry was doing this, and I longed for the job to be able to test the console counterparts.

Granted, the console model will have fewer configurations to test, but essentially, every configuration will require a full test of the game numerous times throughout development....even more so than a PC would because of compliance testing.

Since optimization is often spotty on PC, I can't see why consoles would be significantly better as time goes on beyond 3-4 configuration possibilities, and the more likely scenario is that old hardware support will just be phased it should be, because otherwise it will hold back advancements in games in general for the lowest common denominator.

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JJShredder1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

I beleive the thinking was that now consoles use PC architecture and DX12 and Vulkan allow much easier porting of games, there shouldn't be a reason why you couldn't upgrade a console every couple years.

The author says the comparison to mobile doesn't make sense but it absolutely does. I can play the same games on the Galaxy S4 that I can on an S6 or a LG G3. Hardware 3-4 years apart makes no difference. Also, at least in the US, many people are on a program like ATT next which is NOT a contract and you make incremental payment towards owning your phone. At the endo of your 20-30 payments, you own the device.

I personally think this is a good plan. In two years mobile graphics will be pn par or better than PS4 and then consoles are going to look silly. Nvidia is already pushing better than Xbox 360 graphics with the X1 processor and supposedly tech doubles what? every two years?

This is a better idea than relying on streaming services.

BoWing1379d ago (Edited 1379d ago )

Will never be on par graphics wise comparing mobile phones an consoles. It's just a perception. Pushing graphics onto a 7-9 inch mobile screen from improved hardware will be easy and games will play awesome. But, use the same mobile hardware to push graphics to a 60-70 inch screen at 1080p or even 4K, will bring that hardware to it's knees. That is why you have high end graphic cards and SLI with i7 processors in big tower cases for cooling to perform such monumental tasks. Again, its just perception, the reality though is quite different.

JJShredder1379d ago

Im sorry but there is no "perception" here. I have a Shield tablet and the Tegra K1 is already more powerful than a PS3 or Xbox 360 and you can output to a TV (talkin tablet here)which I can and do at 1080P on a 60" so this is patently false.

Keep in mind mobile displays are at the standard of about 1440P these days. Size of the screen doesnt mean anything, its the pixel count along with the textures themselves and there are some damn goodlooking mobile games.

We will see what happens shortly I guess!

Muadiib1379d ago

Their current track is getting them trounced by Sony 2-1, they have to do something. Maybe if they do this I might actually buy a current gen console.

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