Far Cry Primal Review - IMGMR

“Where must we go, we who wander this wasteland, in search of our better selves.” (- The First History Man)

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Aziiizou1379d ago

Interesting, its a good review i cant wait to play it! <3

FunkyGoron1379d ago

I have never played a Far Cry game. Picked this up and am enjoying it a lot. I enjoy the spear throwing and bow and arrow tactics a lot more than I think I would the gun-play from other Far Cry games.

I was interested in the setting, very excited for Horizon, but I am shocked at how many people seem to be against Primal. "CTRL C + CTRL V" etc...

Definitely feels like it's own experience and the language used in the game is really neat. It's cool how you can see/feel the emotion when the characters talk, yet... it all sounds like gibberish to me while playing.

It's awesome to ride a bear, hop off and send him to kill an enemy. Call my owl to dive bomb some enemies, then chuck my maxed out spear at guys and throw it through their head.

I also love wandering around the world and I see animals fighting and birds picking up goats.

I will say... I was in the prison camp for the Udam leader guy and I was looking up at the "cave leader"... could've sworn he was having sex with someone at the top of the cave.

I shot him in the face with my long-bow and that was that.

Smitty20201379d ago

I am really enjoying the game tbh yea it has some farcry 4 elements involved but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I would recommend the game to ppl I have an Sabertooth tiger as my companion now ;)

nassour1379d ago

Enjoyed the the first and the third, thinking of getting into this one